Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This post is not about mirrors! It's about pictures on the wall, though, so the title kind of makes sense. Kind of.

This print of Glasgow University, where I did my degree, is hanging in the Lounge

I graduated from here, aged 26, at nine months and 4 days pregnant.

No kidding. Our firstborn arrived, thankfully late, five days later. That large black robe worn for graduating was very useful. I was about 5 foot tall, and 5 foot wide!

This hangs above the fire in the Lounge. I think someone ought to write a book based on this picture. 

It says so much.

And of course these guys make it too! 

This is printed on canvas, and is almost black-and-white.

These are hanging in the Dining Room. I bought these prints in Grand Bend, Ontario in 2001.

I love the prints, but I really, really love where they came from. Every time I look at them, they remind me of a wonderful day my Mum and I, along with our relatives in Ontario, had visiting Grand Bend. 

I don't want to bore y'all, so I'll leave it at that right now. Another time, I'll show some of what hangs in some of the other rooms.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day. We have hailstones and gusting winds right now. Sooooo - anyone fancy a swap?

Huh! Thought not!


  1. Enjoying the pictures, I always look at peoples pictures when in their houses. I can't help myself, and there are hints of story in them... as you pointed out about the one picture. I love the picture with your kids. Its very good, and they are lovely.

    Do you play music? I can picture you playing music after seeing the picture on your wall.

    Also, left a comment on piggy post, didn't want you to miss it.
    Much Love,

  2. Sadly, Pam, I don't play music. I have always longed to play the piano, and I hang onto the dream....maybe if I'm still around when the kids have their own homes.... Oooh - a bit like you with space for a craft room - not a good trade, is it?! I hardly like to talk of these days!
    Love, anne x

  3. Sorry you are having wintry weather! It is very nice here, sunny and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I love your pictures. They are beautiful! And so are your children :0!

  4. Anne
    I loved seeing your home. I'm like Pam, I am nosy as I look at what other women have hanging on the wall.
    I so long to play the piano too...but I don't think it will happen anythime soon.
    And, your wintry mix sound kind of good right now. I could use an excuse to make some cocoa.
    P.S. Your kiddos are so pretty!

  5. Hi, didn't know you'd been to Glasgow, I graduated in 1989, got married in the Uni Chapel in 1990, and less than a yr later had Alex. How did you graduate so late in life (grin), I was 22 and had taken five yrs to do a four yr degree. What did you study? I did law which is not much use to me now!

  6. I left school at 16, did 2 years at college - hairdressing - worked for a few years, then went back to school for a year to get qualifications then onto Glasgow for an Arts degree...Gaelic, History, Moral Philosophy. Got married at end of 1st year of Uni, and - as I said - had DR almost as I graduated! Great fun! Except doing tutorials with morning sickness, Yuck!
    Love, A x

  7. You are a hairdresser? Oh I envy you!

  8. Well, I *was*, but the fact that I was has saved me a fortune over the years. No doubt about it, God uses even our 'wasted' years....
    Love, A x


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