When to Begin Full Time Education ... With our Youngest

Our youngest child is already bilingual.

Whether we say "Cuairt", or "Walk";

whether we say "Mach" or "Out";

we get the same level of understanding and excitement.

We are gonna be in real trouble when he learns to spell.

We will not get off with 'M-A-C-H'

or 'O-U-T'.

Maybe because we're homeschooling, 

and don't have to have our kids sit standardized tests, 

we can leave this fella's education for a few years yet. 

After all, many educationalists believe in the Better Late than Early philosophy. 

We've decided to go with it for this guy, cos

frankly, something tells me he's just not ready for it yet.

What do you lot reckon?


  1. That youngest one looks like a handful. :)

  2. I can't get over that dog... he is so adorable. What a joy to have a big baby like that to comfort one's heart with, and make one laugh!!! Oh, I just read your previous post by the way, and thought it to be so excellent Anne; you ought to send it in to a magazine or something. It was so well written, and such a good point. Was Margret Thatcher Scottish? I am thinking she must have been? But you can see my education is lagging here. I hope she is in Heaven...(I don't really know much about her faith) I think I can picture her with Ronald Regan and Winston Churchill (I am reserving a little painting time with him once there.. as we talk about Jesus and world History hahaha) all having a little visit about what is happening down here today... not too good, but of course they would know the finish so much more clearly, and so they will be patiently at ease about it, where as we also know the outcome, but must live it, which is somewhat painful in the process, but hopeful in the ending. I love what you said about making this one life count, and it is so true. Have a great week. Loved all the updates.
    Love and Blessings,

  3. He and Boone are long lost relatives, I am certain. I'm trying to train our boy to be quiet when we are in the yard with him, but he does not like training. He likes to bark at us incessantly and it is quite annoying. Could I send him over and see if your boy's good manners would rub off on our Boone? Yours appears to at least be a quiet one in all of his funny antics! Love his pics, looks like he is really enjoying your decision to delay that education of his. :)


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