Could You Guess Where We've Been?

Now, had I not told you last week where we were heading, would the next two photos not shout London to you?

Churchill looking onto the newly named Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben,

and the very same tower with a London red bus and black cab in the foreground.

Did you know that the London cabs were all painted black initially when Queen Victoria's husband, Albert, passed away. In her grief, she asked for all cabs to be painted black to reflect her sorrow and they have remained black ever since.

No doubt there will follow more photos of our capital city, but for now, I have a sore throat and the shivers. I want my bed ...

Oh, we also have a wedding tomorrow. I may even give you a glimpse of the bride tomorrow on Homeschool on the Croft's Facebook page


  1. Even from the thumbnail picture that came up on my blog, I thought "It must be London". Sounds wonderful. It is very interesting about the cabs... I enjoy "knowing" the background of things. Queen Victoria is a favorite of mine. I think the cabs actually look very sophisticated in black... better than our yellow cabs. I am looking forward to pictures and post update. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love and Blessings,

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  3. We want to get to London one day. We have so many things we want to see... But for now, we just returned from New Zealand! Talk about homeschooling in the field! LOL

    Give it a look!!!


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