On Patrice's Porch, and on Luskentyre Beach

Well, I was in the process of writing a post on some of my favourite Scripture texts of 2012, when Patrice got her crowd together for her Porch Chat. I couldn't resist joining them, even though we're most certainly sitting inside, rather than out on the porch.

Here are Patrice's questions for today's chat:

1. Do you make New Year resolutions?

I'm not sure if you'd call them 'resolutions', but I do sit myself down and have an 'appraisal' of the previous year. Looking back at how my previous year has gone normally gives me the incentive to make 'resolutions' or at least to set new goals or think about new ways of doing things. 

Because I'm homeschooling, there are always areas to assess, to re-evaluate, and to change. This year is no different.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Oh, that's difficult to answer - maybe especially because going public on my aims makes me very accountable .... I'm not sure I could cope with that kind of pressure! 

I really do want to find some way of inspiring certain members of our family, so that they can make the most of the gifts and talents God has given them.... whilst at the same time, keeping myself inspired.

Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about that!

3. Tell me about your favourite place to think, create or just relax.

I normally go and sit in our lounge when the kids are having their break after lunch. It is a very peaceful room, it is always tidy (shocking for our house!), and the kids know that they must not disturb me unless they are bleeding to death or the house is on fire....

I have my Quiet Time during this hour, and what I've learned over the past few months (when I missed this time often) is that I need this hour, not only for my soul, but for my mind too. 

4. Are you a fan of old movies? (Like the ones that were originally black and white)

I can't say I am, Patrice. You wont judge me, will you ;)

5. Tell me something that made you happy since our last porch visit. 

Oh, lots of things! Over Christmas, we had some American visitors staying. These were friends our own kids had made over the summer, when they visited Michigan. It was such a pleasure meeting these friends, and seeing the joy of our kids renewing friendships. Our two older children then went to London for a trip with these American kids (well, someone had to look after them ... ahem). They had an absolute ball! Their enjoyment made me so happy, but I have to be honest ... their return on New Year's Eve made me most happy! Oh the joy of having our whole family under one roof again. 

The day before Christmas, the troops took a drive down to Harris. These are some of the photos the took on Luskentyre Beach.


  1. I understand your sentiments, all the family being under one roof, that is how our New Years was celebrated. Everyone has been going different directions it seems, it was so nice to all be at home w/ no plans, just rest and family fun.

    The photos of the beach are incredible, I can only imagine just how magnificent it is to be there in person. What a blessing to live so close to something so beautiful!

    Blessed New Year to you all! xoxo

  2. What an awesome way to spend your CHRISTmas. The beach pictures are amazing!!! HOPE 2013 is good to you and your family!

  3. It's so good to read your blog again. I have missed you. I wish I had a spot to have uninterrupted quiet time. I need to get my bedroom done, then perhaps set up for a nice cozy spot.

  4. So nice to read a post from you again. :) I am continually grateful for the laughter and the joy and the peace and the BEAUTY that come from your corner of the world!! :)

    1. Me too, Anne. It is so beautiful where you live. Thank you for sharing. I usually make resolutions regarding my walk with the Lord. It's amazing at the end of the year how God orchestrated events to make those resolutions - actually prayers - happen. God bless you always.

  5. I absolutely l-o-v-e the pictures!! So glad the kids made it home from London safe and sound....

  6. Amazing pictures- especially the last; since I'm from from the East coast of the U.S., it is so cool-and odd- to see mountains and the beach in the same picture... -Kendal

  7. So great to have you join in again! I've missed you. I'm envious of your visitors. Your beautiful piece of the Earth would be such a great place to see. I'm always happy when the family is all under one roof. It's getting increasingly harder as the girls get bigger. At least my college girl is within driving distance.

    Wishing you and your lovely family many blessings for 2013!

  8. So glad to have you pop in for a visit. Your photos are just stunning.
    I have missed you.

  9. I have always loved your photos this is Janice from Janice Footsteps I had to change my blog, so loved that you came by the chat today and shared such beauty in your neck of the woods and hooray for guests! Happy 2013

  10. I've missed you! So happy you had a wonderful holiday season and I loved the photos - you live in a place so different from the cornfields of Iowa, USA - it's wonderful to see! May God bless you all in the New Year!

  11. Hello! I'm so glad you posted, and I greatly enjoyed the beautiful pictures--balm for the Scotland-loving soul! May the Lord bless you in this New Year.

  12. One tidy room in the house...What's that? LOL ;O) I love my whole little family all being under one roof too. It brings my heart so much joy....This Fall will be bitter sweet for me, our one & only baby will be headed off to college, after a lifetime of homeschooling. Have a very Blessed & Happy New Year.

  13. Well, Anne, you are back on and I think I must be the last to know :), everyone is here ahead of me.... I haven't checked my blog in 3 days. I love having you back on. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Steve's ankle/leg is coming along nicely; but we are a little re-arranged again for the time being.

    I love your beautiful pictures. Did you get a new camera? They are amazing. Love your update. I hope when we come visit you someday, you will send the girls along to help us sort out London. Hehehe. When you come here, we might have to take you to Denver ourselves... the kids are all in other places. Oh well, I think I am rambling, but Happy New Years to you. I don't make resolutions either, but do evaluate and enjoy a fresh start. I have a letter started to you, and will send it in the mail in the next couple of days when I get it finished. I am a little off in getting all my Christmas cards done.. not a first in my life, but I do try to finish them up with at least New Years cards or letters. Got your card though, I always love hearing from being via regular mail so it was a sweet blessing to me.

    Love and Blessings,


  14. Sorry about the typo at the bottom of my comment... have to remember to double check myself before I hit publish. What I meant to say was "I always loving hearing from friends via regular mail and it always blesses me to get a card or a letter". So thank you for your Card.


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