A - Z of Me!

I saw this on Caroline's blog, The Joyful Keeper, and seeing as my own inspiration has gone AWOL, I thought I'd steal her idea.

This is the A - Z of Me!

A - Age: 46

B - Bed size: Actual: King Size. Preferred: Double giant King Henry VIII size. Yep, you guessed it ... I like space when I'm sleeping. 

- Chore you hate: Just one? Oh, okay then. Cleaning the bathrooms.

D - Drink of choice: Tea. Plain ol' tea. With cake.

E - Essential start to your day item: The Builder comes to me every morning with a mug of hot water. That's what begins my day.

F - Favorite color: That's easy. Blue. And blue always looks especially good when joined by red and white.

G - Gold or Silver: Gold. My wedding and engagement rings are yellow gold, but I do like white gold too.

H - Height: You're having a laugh. My height simply is not. When one can't even put half an inch after five foot, then height is not something one talks of.

I - Instruments you play(ed): In my dreams, it's the piano.

J - Job: Job? Playing mum to four, wife to one. Oh, and mum to a mutt too.

K - Kids: Four. Y'all know them by now. I have:

Two boys. They're ten years apart, and having Calum is like living a replay of DR. They are so alike in so many ways.

And then I have two gorgeous girls. Do you know that both my daughters were born on Mother's Day? Who can claim to have ever been given better Mother's Day gifts than this?

Oh, okay. I also have Jackson, who takes up similar amounts of time and energy as the other four.

L - Living arrangements: In our home, built by the Builder, but provided by our God.

This was taken on a January morning last year. This year, so far, we haven't seen a flake of snow.

M - Mom’s name: Catherine.

N - Nicknames: Ummm, none, though the Builder has lots of names for me. I'd tell you some of them, but it may just ruin his reputation.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Until I had Calum, I'd never been in hospital other than one night when DR was born. After Calum was born, I spent three weeks in hospital.You can read of something of what I experienced the day Calum was born here.

P - Pet Peeve: Oh, I'm not the type of person to get annoyed at anything.

Did you believe that? Or did that last statement cause you to almost choke on your drink? 

I get seriously peeved with badly behaved kids whose parents do nothing to better their behaviour.

I get seriously peeved with our bloomin' politicians, who seem set on poking around blindly for answers to countless social ills, listening to every fad and fashion, instead of using the common sense they'd find in Scripture.

I get peeved when people moan about the weather.

You get the picture?

- Quote from a movie: "Mrs Bennet, life holds few distinctions, but I do believe that here we have three of the silliest girls in England.

Of course, in our frequent quoting of the above, we change the 'three' to 'two', and the 'England' to 'Scotland'.

Such fun!

R - Right or left handed: Right.

S - Siblings: One brother, who is older than I am, but looks years younger, and one sister, who is younger than I am, and who, well, looks it.

T - Time you wake up: Pass

U- Underwear: Erm ... what about it? All I can say is that they're bought in M&S. Always.

V - Vegetable you dislike: Courgette (across the Pond, they're called Zucchini). I often make courgette soup, which is nice, but courgette as a vegetable. Ooooh, they're so ... yeugh (I know - I mustn't say that for food, and that's two posts in a row in which I've done that. Bad, bad me. But really - for courgette, it's true).

W - What makes you run late: You mean there's another way to live?

- X-rays you’ve had: None.

Y - Yummy food you make: Well, the Builder loves my Lemon Cake; I love the oatcakes

DR loves 


Catherine would go for Lamb Chops in any shape or form, 

and Katie makes my favourite: Victoria Sponge.

We do kinda like our food in this house.

- Zoo favorite: Oh, I haven't visited a zoo since I was a wee very young girl. DR and Catherine visited Toronto Zoo last summer and loved it.

Me just now to DR: "DR, what was your favourite animal in Toronto Zoo last year?"

DR: "Oh, that's a good question.... The Rhinos were pretty cool. The jaguars too. Oh ... the Lions, definitely the White Lions."

So there you go. Twenty-six useless pieces of information.

Bet y'all were dying to know these things.


  1. Dear Me! I was very happy to see you posting again I am afraid I have missed a few. I guess I missed your return or maybe you never really left??
    Your way to sweet and funny not to be on my Blog List! Your back on and I will look forward to your post.
    Blessings from across the pond! Roxy

    1. Aww, thank you Roxi :) I did (kinda) take a break, and I'm posting a lot less than I used to, but I'm (kinda) back! x

  2. That was fun, learning all those little things about you. I laughed when I read about your pet peeves (don't read my blog post tonight)

  3. Now I know more to love about you, dear friend!!!

    1. :) And what's not to love, eh? (erm ... don't answer that!)

  4. Tea always goes with cake (or toast). I also hate to clean the bathrooms. Thankfully, my daughters do a wonderful job of it. I don't know what I do if they ever move. Fun list!

    1. Oh, Tea and Toast ... I *love*. The kids laugh at me, because if anyone's not feeling 100%, I always say, 'We'll have tea and toast' - as if it sorted everything!

      And Mrs S, we'll get together when our daughters leave home ... I'll need lots of help. And therapy!

  5. They were fantastically interesting. I found myself answering several of your comments aloud. It is a good thing my children all ready think me nuts!

    1. Your kids too?? I thought it was only my kids who thought that of their mum ;)

  6. I really enjoy your posts, and this was no exception! The tasy treats look so good, too. That sponge cake reminds me of the lemon chiffon cake I recently made for Robert E. Lee's birthday--yum! Have a great day!

    1. Ooooh, I *really* like your excuse to make the lemon chiffon cake ;)

  7. I find the info very useful... and delightful; Love your pictures... the girls are more and more beautiful all the time... The boys look great.... Jackson is adorable. That picture of your house is amazing... the colors in the clouds; Wow.
    I share your pet peeves, and often quote "Pride and Prejudice"... my husband's favorite line is "no lace Mrs. Bennett, no lace!" and mine is "God has been very good to us Mr. Bennett".. by which my husband answers "Yes, My Dear, very good indeed." Ha.yes, my hubby knows the quotes well... with the girls and I to influence him. He also brings me coffee first thing in the morning very like your cup of hot water... so we have many "alikenesses" don't you think?
    Love and Blessings,

    1. Oh Pam, we do that quote from P&P too!! Yet another likeness!! x


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