Yesterday's Mish-Mash

I'm going to post some photos from yesterday.

Just a mish-mash. It sums up my brain!

I made some Apple Tarts. The recipe I use for the pastry is really not a pastry recipe at all. In fact, it's a recipe my mum got about 30 years ago from a lady in our village. That 'lady' was the Builder's aunt, so she became my aunt some years after that. These things happen in communities like ours. We marry folk we've known all our lives, and our parents have known their parents, or worked with them, or are related to them...... Eeek! I didn't just say that. Honest, it's not true. Don't believe it. There's no evidence for it.

Is there? 

Well, I'm the epitome of sanity. Amn't I? Well?? 

Okay, don't answer if you really feel you can't.

Where was I? Oh, yes - Apple Tarts.

This is the recipe I use for the 'pastry'.

6oz marg
2oz icing sugar
vanilla essence
6oz plain flour (all-purpose)
2oz custard powder

Mix butter and icing sugar. Add vanilla essence. Mix.

Add the other ingredients.

It's very basic, and was really the recipe for little biscuits I used to make. I made some of these yesterday with the left-over pastry, so I should have taken photos to show you. When they're done, I stick them together with buttercream icing in between.

So, as you see, it's not really a pastry recipe, but it's lovely in desserts. I use it for my Lemon Meringue Pie too.

This is it ready for going into the oven.

The top always cracks a bit.
Any advice on how to prevent this would be gratefully received.

I love the pie, warm with vanilla ice-cream.
The Builder and the Big Brother love it with hot custard.

Either way, I do like it. A lot.

After that, when the Big Brother came home from work, the rams were to be gathered.

As usual, he couldn't do anything without me.

Well, okay - without my kids. Same thing.

I help just by being there. Just by having my camera.

And the sound of my voice soothes them as they work.

Well, it might....if I dared open my mouth.

The rams (and yes, I recognised they were rams without my kids having to tell me) had a pedicure last night.

I'm not kidding, by the way. They also had their wool trimmed and dyed.

I think the world's going mad. All except me, of course. The epitome of sanity - that's me.

The weather is sooooo cold. Can you see it from the photo?

The temperature was around 9 degrees (48 F), with a strong North-easterly wind.

It was freezing, and that's why I retreated to the safety of my Family Room to take this photo.

Here are some of the other rams this morning, oblivious to the beauty of the scene behind them.

DR and Katie had to put last night's pedicured and spruced-up rams back into the field this morning. Here they are en route.

Don't they look lighter on their feet. I think the pedicure did them the world of good.


  1. Brrr, it does look cold in that picture. It's turned cold here too. Just the right weather for apple pies and the like.

    OH, and my grandparents were first cousins and I'm perfectly sane too! :)

  2. LOVELY!!! Is it usually that cold this time of year. Where in Scotland do you live? It was 85 degrees here yesterday. I'm not certain what that is celsius, but it was hot. Also, what is custard powder? I'm not familiar with that. I assume icing sugar is what we call powdered sugar. I know I've asked you a LOT of questions. If you can reply, my e-mail address is robbing@brydonlaw.com. Have a WONDERFULLY BLESSED day! I LOVE hearing about life in Scotland where my dad's family originated.

  3. I love the pictures, and must say, I honestly thought those jokes about family marrying family only referred to those living in the South here in the US. :-O *gasp*

    I saw a ram similar to the one on your farm at our county fair the other night. Yours are looking mighty fine w/ their pedicures. And oh, I spent quite a bit of time with the cows at the fair, they were beautiful! I love livestock even if I don't own any. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Bless your family as you snuggle up inside away from that blustery wind. It still feels like summer here. Fall may arrive soon, we hope.

  4. I love your rams. We don't see anything like them here.
    I did grow up in a church community like yours. You can read about it in posts I did in Aug. when I went to visit. The one I live in now will become that way as we are close-knit.
    Your blog's great.

  5. I love small communities where people are close and families are friends for generations. That's how our church has become. I've been in this church all my life and most of my friends have been here all their lives and now most of the friends I grew up with are married to other friends I grew up with, and our kids are growing up together, and each of my children will most likely (hopefully) marry someone I have known since birth (not relatives though).
    It's amazing to see and very exciting to have friends that will last for generations to come.
    That used to be normal in small towns hundreds of years ago, but now everyone gets so spread out and kids move away and generational friendships are few and far between. Anyway I love this life.
    Thank you for posting that. You make me want to post something on that subject soon.

  6. Love that last rams photo - they do look spruced up. Reminded me of the care home we visit when the ladies have had their hair done!

  7. Oh wow does that apple tart look great. The crust looks amazing, I might have to give a try if I can get ahold of the custard powder... I think World Market carries it. I made your oatcakes by the way, and we all loved them. I am hoping they came out the way they were supposed to; I had to convert the ingredients from ounces to cups, because we don't have the means to measure them the way you do, but I think it came out right.

    Love those rams and that view. Your posts always do my heart good.
    Much Love,

  8. There's nothing like a beautiful, hard working day. Those tarts look so good I can almost smell them. Have a great week! Lisa~

  9. Yum - apple pie and vanilla ice cream :-)
    Those are beautiful sheep!

  10. Kirsteen: your grandparents were 1st cousins?! Wow - that *is* close. But yes, I can vouch for your sanity. I think!

    Mrs C: glad others get the same comments as us, then!

    Thank you all for the comments on the apple pie. I think maybe the cracked top is okay....someone said it adds to it, so I think I'll be happy with it from now on!

    Down on the Farm: don't worry at all about asking questions.....I love to talk!
    Custard powder is bought in a tub - our main brand is Birds. It's mostly cornflour (corn starch) with flavouring. I've actually used cornflour in the recipe when I didn't have the custard powder in, and just added some extra vanilla essence. It works just fine.

    Thank you to all who commented on the small communities and the benefits of them. There really is something special about growing up and living in this type of place. There's a real security in it too.

    And Pam, I'm so glad you made the oatcakes. Aren't they lovely!

    Love y'all!
    Anne x

  11. I just love your pictures!
    I could tell they were rams from their horns, but what kind of sheep are they? They look completely different from any around here (although I guess we have completely different climates, so it's understandable!)
    So you didn't shear them, but literally clipped the wool - I was expecting shorn sheep when you mentioned their little haircut!
    Always so interesting reading your blog & I love both icecream & warm custard with apple pies!!! (yours looks lovely - thanks for the pastry recipe!)
    Have fun


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