I cry. A lot.

We read together every day, and for the past while we've been reading this book:

We sit comfortably, and I begin to read. It goes so well to begin with.

And then the inevitable happens. It goes something like this.

There's a pause in my reading. One of my daughters looks and then rolls her eyes.

My other daughter begins to sniff. She's mocking. 

The pause continues, because I can't breathe. Therefore I can't talk. And then I try to talk. It comes out in a squeak. And I say, 

'But can't you..sniff...see. It's...sniff... so sad'.

At this point, the wee guy will normally say, 'Mum...sigh... it's only a book'. C'mon - READ!'

'But....sniff....squeak...I can't. I'm....Can't you... sniff...see. The....poor... squeak...man.

Deep breath.

Right, I'm ready. I'll be okay. I'll be fine for the rest of the chapter.

I seldom am.

I wish I cried elegantly. Do you know what I mean? I see women on TV who are able to cry beautifully. They are able to carry on talking - or even singing, for crying out loud - whilst a tear gracefully falls down their cheek. They still look beautiful. Their eyes aren't red or puffy. Their faces don't contort. They still seem able to breathe.

When I cry, none of these things are true. I can't breathe.

My eyes go red and puffy. 

My face finds odd contortions, previously unknown to mankind. 

And I can't talk (one generally needs to be able to breathe to talk). 

I certainly do not cry elegantly. Or gracefully. Okay, so the fact that I don't do anything elegantly or gracefully is irrelevant here. You didn't need to bring that up, thank you.

I wish I didn't cry so much. In another post, I may give a list of ten things that make me cry. Most of them are ridiculous, though some are not.

Just for a hint......read on.

This came in the post the other day.

Our son moves on to another stage in his life.

So, no prizes for guessing what I did.

I cried.

What do you mean, 'What?!'

I told you. I cry. A lot.


  1. It's ok to cry, and to cry "ugly" if we must. I'm thankful to know I'm in good company and not alone in this unfortunate act. I just try to hide my face in kleenex when it gets too bad. :o)

  2. I cry everytime my wee boy comes out of the Sunday School - a life stage!! I can't imagine being able to handle an Open University package!! I blame it all on the pregnancy hormones, I shouldn't like to count the number of times a day I cry... as long as it wears off post baby...

  3. I could have written this! You are not alone. I even cry at very special, heart grabbing, children's books. It's not a pretty thing.

  4. This was so funny Anne, I laughed out loud because I feel exactly like you. Being pregnant right now has brought on even more tears then the last pregnancy and I don't think the tears stop after I am pregnant. I love that you all read together. So cozy!!

    ~ Marie

  5. The best moms cry. Take it from me. I remember crying while reading the last chapter of "Little Britches" to my kids. They all looked at me like I was strange. I am a very emotional person, and like Marie, even more so now that I am pregnant.

  6. Ha ha ha, so cute and funny and oh, so sweet Anne. I love that you cry at books, and I know what you mean when you are reading and trying not to cry, but can't breathe..... I do the same thing; It makes reading aloud a difficult thing sometimes, but there is nothing better than a great book shared with the precious ones; oh such blissful memories to me. Did you ever sob from a book? I've done that a few times too....can't really get away with that in front of the kids or even the hubby but still, it has happened. And I still cry from missing my kids. Sometimes I cry when I arrive for a visit and then cry again later when separated... can't help myself.
    Much Love,

  7. Hello! I found your blog from Pioneer Woman. I saw you were from Scotland and I had to come over for a visit. My great-great-great grandfather came to America from Scotland in 1856. I am going to check our family tree and tomorrow I'll come back and give you the name of the place where he was born. I would love it if you could tell me where that is and if you are close to it.

    I've not read the Jeannette Oke books, but I have seen ALL the movies and I LOVE THEM!!! My kids laugh at me, but I CRY TOO!!!!!

    You have a lovely blog. Have a blessed day!

  8. Me too. I cry a lot. My children get embarassed or worried (depending on age) - I often have to reassure them that I am ok, it was just a sad story (I never read aloud, cos like you I can't breathe, and it doesn't matter if it is just a story)

    I'd have gulped a bit at that package too. . .

  9. I'm so glad to know I'm in good company! Such a relief to know I'm normal....well, kinda normal anyway!

    Down on the Farm: let me know where your grandfather came from, when you find out. I'd love to know, because so many left from this island.

    And thank you to you all who 'admitted' to being like me

    Lovin' y'all
    A x

  10. I'm a cryer also - always have been & always will be. My kids are too small yet to be embarressed, but I can only imagine when they are older.

    We love that book too- I have the whole series - in fact I have 20 something of Janette Oke's books - she's one of my favourite authors!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend


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