Reading material in the Homeschool Household

Here are some of the books that are 'on the go' in our house right now:

This is our current daily Read-aloud.  

We finished the first in the series - Love Comes Softly - a couple of weeks ago, and now we're onto this one. The two girls have read the whole series already (a number of times!), but we all enjoy reading it again. The wee guy loves it too. The 'being out West' does it for him!   

Catherine is reading this book:

She's read the three books in this series. Worth reading. ... nothing quite like historical novels ...
Who agrees?

Katie has just begun this book:

I hope that some of what she reads will sow deep seeds that will be of benefit to her for the rest of her life.

The Builder is reading David Brainerd's diary. 

This book was blessed to me a number of years ago when I read it for the first time. I would soooo recommend it.

What a man. What sacrifices he made. And only eternity will reveal their benefits.

These are just some of the books lying around right now. I say 'lying around' because that's what they are! Sometimes the books are on the arms of the sofas, on the floor, on the chairs, on the cushions, .... everywhere. Everywhere!! 

Still - given the choice, I'd rather have kids who read, read, read than kids who would never think of picking up books, curling up in a corner, and 'losing' themselves for...for...well, forever, if they weren't brought back to reality to get some chores or schoolwork done.

I think they have it too good. I don't get half their time reading. I think I'll change the rules in this house!


  1. Nice post, get what you mean about reading time for yourself!!

    Would be nice to know a little about each book, not sure I've heard of most of them and not sure what they are about (don't ask for much huh?! ;o) )

  2. I have not yet read Janette Oke. I have a few of her books that I got a as a gift a few years ago, but I haven't read them yet. I love Elizabeth George, though! She is awesome at supplying creative and very practical ways at applying God's Truth to our lives! Great books =)

  3. Have you seen the movies of the Love Comes Softly series? They are pretty good! My favorite books are those written by old-timey authors: some of my favorites are Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Sir Walter Scott, Baroness Orczy, Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, and many, many more! :) Have you or your children read any of the Crown and Covenanter series by Douglas Bond? (Duncan's War, the King's Arrow, etc.?)They are really, really good, and center around a family of Scottish Covenanters in the 1600's. (I believe)Definitely worth reading! -Rachel

  4. I LOVE Janette Oke. I, too love her movies in the Love Comes Softly Series. My kids say it reminds them of Little House on the Prarie. I agree. It is so nice to fine wholesome things for our families to watch (and very hard). Have a blessed day.



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