Love Affair is Back On

Well, the love affair with our beloved plot is back on. And this is what clinched it:

I was thinning the radishes today, and this is what I took out of the ground and then transplanted in another place. Aren't they so cute. 

Here's one - just in case you weren't able to appreciate the humble radish from the first photo.

C'mon - you must admit it - they are gorgeous. 
They're cute. Adorable. Lovely. So red. 
Did I mention that they're lovely?

Then I transplanted the thinned ones. The row isn't very straight. The Builder wont be pleased, but I was too excited to care! 

Just in case you didn't get it.... The love affair is back on. Me and the plot? We're on again! And just in case you didn't get the reason..

Yep - it's the radishes. I shall never look at a radish in the same way again!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, they are cute and gorgeous! It was a great idea to re-plant the thinned radishes. When we thinned this year, we thinned a bit late and got some ripe radishes early! I am glad you and the plot are on again!


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