Lessons in Fashion

The day we went to the Statue of Liberty was damp and not at all warm.

I didn't want to be cold, and I didn't want to be uncomfortable. Now, I had shoes that were warm and not too comfy; and I had sandals which were VERY comfy, but not too warm.

My answer??

......you ready for this??

See below....


Can you imagine the mortification our poor daughters suffered! They almost refused to be seen with me!

But this was my reasoning:

1. It was cold, and I didn't want to have cold toes.

2. We had to walk, and I didn't want to be uncomfortable.

3. We were m-i-l-e-s away from anyone we knew, so it didn't matter who saw me.

Oh the joy of being in your forties and not caring about fashion any more. I keep telling my daughters that one day - one day - they too will put comfort before fashion.

Yep, they might even wear sandals and socks ....at the same time!!

Of course, at the ages they're at, they are sure they will NEVER do such a thing. Mmmm.


  1. Lol I would have done the same - and my girls would have been just as horrified!

  2. I love that you were "miles away"... and yet you posted it on your blog. :-)


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