A Belated Recommended Listen

Having been away for a couple of weeks, I haven't given my 'Recommended Listens'.

This sermon is a 'must listen' for anyone - anyone who has a home, is head of the home, will be head of a home one day.... for husbands or fathers - present or future; for mothers or wives - present or future; for children; for grandparents.

I would love to hear from people how they 'do' family worship, or maybe how they saw it being done in the past. There aren't many of us who are content that all that should be done, has been done, or is being done. Comments are not for criticism, but it would be interesting to hear of others' experiences.


  1. I finally found a little time to check in to your sermon recommendation; I couldn't determine which sermon was the one you were speaking about, so let us know the title. But I was able to listen to a few portions of some of the sermons on the list and enjoyed your Pasor; I will check back for the title name.

    I also enjoyed reading about your trip to the USA. You made me laugh all the way through. It was quite a blessing to hear about the USA from your perspective. I loved the part about the trip to the concert and your son's response. I was reading it out loud to my son (who is 14), and we both laughed. He agreed with your son's response and I agreed with yours. I think no matter what they say about it now, however, it definitely plants a great memory that will influence their life, and their tastes.

    Next time you take a trip out here, let us know we would have loved to enjoy a cup of tea with you. Of course I live way out west in Colorado and not really an easy stopping place to add to a trip out east, but my daughter Marie lives in Ohio, and my daughter Elizabeth lives in Florida and they are both avid tea drinkers :) and love reading your blog by the way. Many blessings

  2. Thank you so much, Pam. The sermon in this recommendation is 'A Plea for Family Worship'. Does the link not go straight there? It was preached by an American.... but whilst he was visiting Northern Ireland in the UK.
    Thank you for your other comments too. If we ever get to the USA again, we want to head further out west. It would be a real dream for us.
    I agree too that so many memories are made on holidays, or even on day trips with the kids. Before we left, my mum kept saying to us, 'oh, you're not wise going off on holiday when there are things around the house needing done' !! I would say to her, 'Oh, mum, when the kids are older, they'll never remember that the pavements weren't finished, or that the bathroom needed painting.....but they'll NEVER forget their holiday!'....
    Love, Anne x


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