Aahh, schedules. I love them. Well, I want to clarify that. I love making them. I cannot keep to them, and I hate not being able to keep to them. So we have a love-hate relationship.

This is our latest attempt. I must stress that even at best, we are flexible. But it makes such a difference for me if I at least have something to go on.

Laundry on; Cuppa; Quiet time

7.00am - 8.00am
Porridge on; check mail; answer e-mails etc; Kids up

Kids have breakfast
Mum: laundry; tidy kitchen

Kids: morning chores (make beds, tidy rooms, dirty washing to laundry; CP-dishwasher; KG - main bathroom; CS-brushes kitchen floor)

Worship: this is normally the reading of a portion of Scripture with some discussion of it, the singing of a psalm, and prayer.

Maths - for all the kids

Reading together: Story of the World right now
Discussion and questions - work on essay questions (relating to what we're reading, etc

Break; chores

CS: Language
KG: History lesson
CP: French

Set reading - this varies, but non-fiction mainly

Housework, etc. Girls prepare lunch. CS - free time/Online Maths challenge
(Maybe some preparation for tonight's dinner - depending on what's planned for evening meal)

Lunch. Break

CS: Lapbook or similar
Girls: Chosen subjects

Extras - Photography (we're doing an online course, once a week)
- Vegetable plot (my personal favourite, and it will be getting priority over the next
few months. Yippee!)
- Work on essays
- unforeseens - (of which there are many!)

Mum - Ironing (my friend and I are beginning to study the Heidelberg Catechism right now, so I normally listen to the appropriate sermon from here whilst ironing)

Letter-writing, e-mails, blogs etc;

Prepare dinner. Check mail; correspondence; blogs etc

(Our dinner tends to be later than I'd like. The Builder is normally late home and the Builder's Big Brother normally eats with us - but only after his animals are fed, his dog is walked etc etc......sigh. It means that by the time dinner is over, I am not in the mood for any more housework. This normally leaves work for the following morning. Most people would hate this, but it's the only way I can do it. It's not like this ALL the time, but it is most of the time. An hour of sitting with the family in the evening simply takes priority over dirty pans. This then becomes part of the 7-8am chore the following morning.)

I promise to let you all know how it's going. Mmmm. Did I just promise?


  1. I love love LOVE schedules!!!!! But never ever keep them!! I'm loving yours... and hoping I can squeeze into the "unforseen" compartment now and again ;-)

  2. I'm the same way! Schedules are such a good idea...but there they stay, as an idea. I guess it's more fun to plan out than to implement. That takes self control....and maintaining control of the girls.

    Everything goes upside down sooner or later and it's back to the drawing up of a schedule and let's try again.

    Blessings, Mrs. Rhonda Henrich


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