Medical report

Has anyone out there ever heard of a burst kidney? This is what my Dad suffered yesterday. He was taken to A&E yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime, and by last night, we had the diagnosis: a stone that had been lodged in the kidney had caused the kidney to burst. No doctor we saw yesterday had ever heard of it. None of the nurses we spoke with had ever heard of it.

What is true is that we are so thankful to still have Dad with us. It was a close one. 'It was not yet his time'. Praise God that had it been his time, he is ready. We are glad it was not.

He was flown away by ambulance plane to hospital in Inverness this afternoon. We don't have a urologist in our local hospital. All in all, we are glad he's been sent away, though it does mean we're not able to see him every day. Mum went with him, so please pray for them both, and for the doctors who are treating him. We pray they would be guided and given wisdom; that Dad would know that peace that passeth all understanding; and that Mum would be calm and be able to absorb the information the doctors give her.

How little we know what a day may bring. What a blessing to know that 'underneath are the everlasting arms'. Deut 33v27

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