We've Moved.

Well, that time has come. It's come and it's gone. I turned the key in the lock on Saturday. The Builder and the boys had left on Friday; Katie and I cleaned up and left on Saturday.

I was sitting in the car, having locked up when I realised I hadn't taken a photo. That is the ultimate no-no for a blogger - even for a semi-lapsed blogger such as my own self.

And so, of course, I did the necessary thing: I re-ran the whole locking up thing, and this time I clicked my camera phone to capture the moment.

And so, Saturday lunchtime saw Katie and I on the ferry leaving Lewis, not for a holiday, but to go and live elsewhere. It's not as though we're going to be far away. We're still in the North of Scotland, which in American terms, is practically only a block away. 

But this isn't about the number of miles. This is about leaving the island that's been home for most of our lives. This is about leaving the island on which my Mum and Dad live, and have lived all their lives. This is about leaving my sister and her family; my brother and his; the Builder's siblings and their families. My kids are leaving the island on which all their cousins still live.  Quite frankly, it's home. It was for the first twenty-four years of my life. It was still 'home' for the twelve years the Builder and I lived in Glasgow. It's been home for the past dozen years, and in our hearts, it will always be home. Whether we ever actually live there again, we don't know. We honestly don't know. But we do know that it will always be home.

And, at the risk of sounding rather the-king-is-dead-long-live-the-king-like, this was the sunrise on our first morning in our new home. I'll show y'all more photos very soon: suffice to say that the landscape is quite different from what I had, but I am still totally and utterly surrounded by God's beautiful creation.

That means that the Builder and our kids still have to hear an almost endless stream of:

"Oh, guys, have you seen this?"

"Katie, wow ... come and see the sunset."

"Have you seen the moon? Looooook!"

"Wow ... I just love seeing these fields. Look at that!"

Yes, it honestly has sounded rather like that these past few days.

Just one thing: whilst trees are lovely, in moderation, I can't help wondering why folks wanted to plant so MANY of them?? Seriously, they block out so much of the stunningly beautiful countryside. 

Aye, I guess whatever I am, a tree-hugger I am not.


  1. "In American terms" love it. :) Yes, that most definitely is in American terms. And for the trees - well, when you have grown up surrounded by them as I have in Michigan (a state CHOCK full of the things) you tend to love them very much. LOL. I do agree - they block out my beautiful sunsets. Both hubby and I grew up with them but don't have them at our current house, yes, because of trees. :) We miss them! (but I still LOVE my trees) Thanks for sharing a bit with us!

  2. A few trees can turn into a forest if all the seedlings are allowed to grow up! People hate to thin the trees out, but I think it's good. Trees and a view are ideal!

    I'm certain your heart is broken a bit, but you are finding God's beauty everywhere and that is good. Thanks for sharing it all with us!


  3. Moving is always hard but you will soon settle, home is where the heart is and I am sure it is with your family that are with you. Welcome to your new home.

  4. I have tears in my eyes. I have always moved, as a child growing up and as a married woman. Hubby and I have always longed to put roots down, as you had, and be near family. Our life didn't work that way. I can't imagine having that and having to leave. I know the Lord went before you and prepared the way. I look forward to hearing about the new blessings and adjustments. You are a godly woman who honors the Lord and her husband in all things, and I am thankful for that. Even in your hardest moment, you're bringing Him glory. Praying that you feel settled in body and soul soon.

  5. I live less than a mile from where I grew up. And aside from about 5 years where my husband and I lived a little over an hour away for his job, I've always lived just outside my hometown. My kids went to the same school I did. And I hope to live here the rest of my life. Moving away from family is hard. But I know the Lord is in this move for you and your family and I know He will bring all things together for GOOD. Between the wedding and the move you've had quite a time. Prayers for you and your family my sweet friend. For God's blessings to pour down like rain. Looking forward to pictures of the new place!

  6. Oh such mixed emotions… I feel it all for you. I look so forward to the pictures of your new home.
    XOXOX Pam

  7. I have moved like 19 times and it is such an awkward thing even having moved so much it doesn't get easier it can be sad and exciting and stressful yet happy its like a kaleidoscope of feelings. ~Hope your new journey is a fabulous one!! ~Heather


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