On the Run Up ....

A quick post with a few of Katie's mobile photos from the past couple of days.

Katie took this photo on our last evening as a family in our home in Ness. Although we will be back after the wedding, Catherine will not. We feel very blessed and privileged to have had a whole week together before coming out to Inverness this Monday. It was wonderful for us all to be around our family table again. Precious times.

This photo was taken as we drove onto the ferry on Monday morning. Here we are leaving the island for The Vodding (Father of the Bride reference: y'all know it??)

And here's Katie's ferry selfie. Catherine's slate heart is showing 3 days - three days - to go! I guess it's time I took my head out of the sand, and faced it: she is going to Northern Ireland and is no longer going to be there to join Katie and I for our cuppas and blethers.

Finally, a photo of the three men in my life. My sister, Marina, and I had stuff to get in town on Monday afternoon, and the Builder noticed I'd left my mobile at the house in which we're staying. Instead of ignoring it, he and my other menfolks jumped in the car and searched the highways and byways until they found me.

Oh, okay, they searched Marks and Spencer until they found me, but for guys, that's about the same thing.

Despite them finding themselves in the nightmare-for-guys-department, they still allowed me to take this photo. If I was hashtagging this photo, it'd be something like this:

#myboys   #checkshirts  #getusouttahere  


  1. Such an exciting time and bittersweet at the same time. Blessing on the wedding and on the marriage!


  2. Oh I know the conflicting emotions. Prayers for you and your family. Knowing she is happy helps a lot (I speak from experience). Can't wait to see beautiful wedding pictures :0!

  3. I love the play-by-play you are giving us. Thank you for sharing!! I love the men picture - what thoughtful guys. :)


  4. This is really a wonderful post.


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