Sit on the Porch, and Sing along with Me... a name I call myself...

Do you have pierced ears?

Oh dear, this question is a bit like the 'pink hair' one. I do have pierced ears. Most days, I don't wear any earrings now, but occasionally, when I'm dressing up, I wear some studs.

But around the time of the pink hair, I pierced one of my ears three times, and the other twice. Most of these holes are closed now (I assume), so only one remains in each.

Let's move on. Quickly, before my kids see this.

Do you have a porch?

Is that a serious question? 

Er, have a look at our weather, Patrice.

Actually, we do have what we call a porch, but it's got a front door, four walls and windows. In other words, it's totally enclosed, so not what you guys call a porch.

If you could have a wish for someone you know, what would that be?

Well, my parents have their Golden Anniversary next year. If I could wave your magic wand, Patrice, I'd transport them to Vancouver and give them the train ride that crosses Canada.

Just imagine.... through Banff

It's about the only 'abroad experience' my Dad would fancy, but it'd take your magic wand to do it. He doesn't do planes.

There are less than 100 days to Christmas. Have you started shopping yet or doing anything to prepare?

Nope. I've decided to become Jewish for the next few months.

What song is going through your head lately? If you aren't being pestered by a particular song, then what are you likely to sing or hum while you work?

Doh, a deer, a female deer; Ray, a drop of golden sun; Me, a name I call myself...

No kidding. Catherine came across a photo of Diana, Princess of Wales and commented on her doe-eyed expression. That's where it all began.

You can blame Catherine, although she has posted on Facebook her desire for someone to adopt her mother. Clearly, she doesn't appreciate my Julie Andrews sing-along.

It may of course be because I don't quite sound like Julie Andrews.

Oh well.... Doh, a deer, a female deer, tra-la-la-la-la la la....


  1. I love to read you answers! You always bring a smile!

  2. Oh my friend, you do make me laugh!! (Just one of the many reasons I love you being my friend!)

    My kiddos usually hear me burst out in a VERY weak Julie Andrews imitation in VERY unusual places with "the hills are alive with the sound of music" (I even put in the background vocals!)

  3. I'll adopt you! Then we can sing it as a duet. I laughed my way through your questions. I think your porch counts as a porch, even here. Jewish for the next few months would make shopping cheaper. Shalom, my friend!

  4. I always love reading your posts! In that mythical trip for your parents, they could take a cruise ship from your island to my island. Then we could drive them across PEI and over to the mainland where they could get on the train to begin their cross country railway trip! The hard part is the cruise ship... ;)

  5. haha that is great! Now that song will be going around in my head too.

  6. Thanks for visiting. I love the Sound of Music! Now, I'm going to be humming this song. Drats you, Anne! lol

    Those crazy pink hair days. At least that was pretty much in passing, but today's kids really extend it beyond normal measures. They are too wacky for me or I'm just old fashion.=D

    Thanks for chatting on the farmhouse porch with me this afternoon!

  7. My two year old sings the very same song. Just sing it dear! You'll enjoy this one.



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