The Mighty and the, er, Not-so-Mighty

I am Jackson. I will have you all know that I come from a long line of pedigree Labrador Retrievers. 

My forefathers have retrieved grouse for Royalty.

My father is a proud, well-known-in-breeding-circles (so we all know the kind of life he lives. Ahem) Golden Labrador.

Click here to see a photo of the proud Labrador who is my father.

I, on the other hand...

 have to live for retrieving ducks.

I was not born to this.

I was born for greater things.

Greater, I tell you.

"Quack! Would someone get me out of this dumb mutt's mouth, please."

"Quack... NOW!"

Do I hear someone calling me?  If so, you will address me in a matter to which my father's people were accustomed.

You will remember who I am.

Wont you?

Or is this to be my lot forever?

Oh, how the mighty are fallen.

But do I care?

Do any of my siblings have my life?

Do any of them have this view? Or a whole garden full of cuddly toys? And a bed full of them?

Who's the lucky one, then?


  1. I do believe Jackson is the one living the good life! He is so cute, w/ his duckie in his mouth!

  2. Anne....you are certifiable....do your children see YOU taking photos and ask you "why are you taking all these photo's, Mum?" like mine do?

  3. You are nuts!! I seriously don't think it was just the garage, utility room & kitchen that was damaged by smoke.....get this woman a doctor, quick!

  4. Nothing short of cute!

  5. Oh, dear Jackson, that is definately the life!

  6. Oh! I wouldn't mind that life - not one bit! Although...if you knew where you came from...and what COULD have been...
    NO! I like his life for sure:)

  7. Oh, to know what dogs really think. You crack me up, you are so funny!

  8. oh my gosh...i can't tell if it's jack or you that cracks me up!

  9. Too cute! Jackson may become the star of your blog, just like my horse, Wendell, is on my blog.

  10. Kathie, our black lab, says she has fallen in love with Jackson!


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