And so to Another Week...

And so, to another week...

Some geese flying by, just as the sun dips below the horizon,

and so another day comes to a close

I've done nothing to either of these photos, so the difference in the colours is totally natural. The photos were taken only minutes apart, but once the sun went down, the oranges and reds went to pinks and purples.

And talking of colours....

Red! We have lots of red in the greenhouse just now!

Greens, oranges and reds. Lovely.

On Saturday, whilst the Builder was doing some clearing in the garage, I headed to the plot. I showed you in previous posts the Romanesco and the Cauliflower that was harvested. I sowed more seed in pots, just as I was harvesting the others, and I planted the seedlings on Saturday. 

I have no idea whether this will come to anything. It seems far too late in the year to be planting these brassicas, but it seemed too early to have so much empty space in the cage. I turned the soil, fertilised it, and planted. Time will tell ...

See the Brussel Sprouts growing up the stalk? Isn't this so cool (to borrow a phrase from my kids!).

The Brussel Sprouts plants are huge, and some of the sprouts will be ready soon.

I can't say they're my favourite vegetable: my favourite way of eating them is to par-boil them,  and then stir-fry them in butter along with some bacon.

I do like to add calories to my greens, you know.

The Swedes are coming on, underneath all that leaf?... leafage?... leafery? Anyway, underneath the green stuff, the Swedes are growing.

Instead of broccoli, we plant Calabrese. It's like broccoli, but when you cut the centre spear, the side shoots grow florets. However, last year, once we cut the centre head, we really got very little from the side shoots, and so, I got a bit of a shock when I went into Cage 1 on Saturday to find about a dozen plants like this...

Lots and lots of large florets, all ready for use.

Isn't the variety in God's creation amazing.

It's like...Wow... Ah-maz-ing!
(You know who you are!!)


  1. love it! the sunset isn't from today, is it? it's only 5.30pm! My hubby won't eat swede - to my great sadness! I LOVE the stuff, but he can taste it from 20 paces! He ate some cheap horseradish sauce once, claimed it was foul (yes, I knew that!...), when he normally likes it....and it had SWEDE in it! lol mashed, with butter, salt and pepper....mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm

  2. I love to see the way brussel sprouts grow. I love to sautee them with butter and fresh garlic then put them under the broiler with a sprinkle of parmesan. Nice

  3. Beautiful sunset photos! And I'm so jealous of your garden! Good for you! We're going to try for a fall crop... hoping we get some produce from it! It's difficult to grow stuff in sand, but, what can ya' do!

  4. Beautiful colors! Beautiful plants! Have a grand day!

  5. His creation is Absolutely amazing. And so very good!
    (You reminded me of my love for Brussel Sprouts!!! My kids will not be happy tomorrow at supper...;D)

  6. Your tomatoes are turning out beautifully ripe and red, after all.

    I read how vegetables in the Cruciferae Family help prevent cancer so I try to serve several kinds each week. Your brussel sprouts and Calabrese broccoli look fabulous. The name "Calabrese" gives away its Italian origins. Maybe that's why our family likes broccoli so much.
    Karen A.


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