No Appreciation for Jackson, the Friendly Mutt

Jackson, being the friendly kind of mutt he is, thought he'd go and say Hi today to the decidedly unfriendly rams.

He took his football over to play, and his baseball.

I'm not sure what purpose the baseball bat was to serve. Was it for fun. Or defense?

"Hi woolly sheep. You wanna come play footie?"

Who are you calling a sheep, you wimpy little mutt?

"Mum. Mum! Did you hear what he called me?"

And another thing, mutt. I serve one purpose in life, and playing football doesn't help my cause.

If it did, Big Brother would have got me a football long ago. You hear me?


"I wanna come in, mum. That's the last time I'm gonna be nice to that rough bunch."

"Can I come and sit in the Family Room with you, Mum? Daddy's not in anyway, and I wont tell him you let me."

You come here, my pet, and watch the sun go down with me. Hah! You just think who's the loser now.... You're inside here with me, and he's outside in the rain.

Let him put that in his pipe and smoke it.

Bunch of ruffians.


  1. Love this Anne! But do your realise you are writing in American? Grin my kids and I do it now and again. .

    Jackson is such a cutie. I have had a similar bad experience with older, more respected, rams, when I was a ten yr old. The Ram nearly rammed me into the river, I escaped dry, and with a healthy respect for working sheep - who are not as dumb as history suggests.

  2. I do realize...er, realise, it, Henrietta! I had even written Mom, and then changed it to Mum... although I don't feel like Mum... not a Lewis term at all. My kids call me the kind of name you'd get it you mixed Mom and Mam... (Well, that's what they call me to my face!)

    Oh, I wouldn't go near the rams.... they're not put on this earth to be friendly, that's for sure :)

  3. Very cute post, I could see it all.

  4. Jackson is so cute. I hope he rested inside for a long time :)

  5. giggle, giggle. jackson is getting SO big! i guess pups tend to do that!!

    too cute anne! :)

  6. Ha Ha Ha. Yes I agree with Jackson

  7. LOL, even though I'm not a big fan of dogs I must admit Jackson is really cute!

  8. Too funny, and Jackson now got what he actually wanted all along! (having had 4 Labs at various times, I know this!!)

  9. So funny. Love that you let him in.
    Our youngest got a lamb yesterday. Let the fun begin!

  10. Yes, what a very funny post!! You should send some of this stuff to a comedy hour. Have a great first day of school! Just a thought have you ever seen or tried Saxon Math?

    Thanks for the laugh! Blessings Roxy


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