Just another Saturday...

Big Brother was separating the sheep from their lambs today. This always makes me sad - more for the sheep than for the lambs - although tomorrow morning we'll be woken to a cacophony of bleating from poor, motherless lambs.

My momma heart bleeds. Thankfully, I'm not the one making these decisions. Big Brother knows what he's doing.

This is Louis. He's one of the not-nice-but-dim dogs. No, I think I need to re-word that: He is nice, but he's not dim. He's Jackson's cousin. He's gorgeous.

And this is Ben - another cousin of Jackson's. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.... watching the sheep with interest, but not getting anywhere near them.

See, the dogs in Lewis are all related too - just like we are. Of course, the dogs are related by blood, but by adoption. That's okay though - they're still cousins. 

Not that I've ever broken this news to Jackson. As far as he's concerned, I'm his Mama, so I'd appreciate none of you bringing up the subject of where he came from in his presence. 

I'll show more of today's photos on Monday (when I ask BB some questions regarding ... you know... er, stuff he was doing), but for now, have a look at this. 

Oi! Look this way! Thank you, that's just perfect for this photo. All of you, just stay still a minute and look at the camera.

Thank you. You've been a smashing audience.

Yes, yes, I got your good side.

Inside the house, there was some food on the go. Katie made her Victoria Sponge. (I'll post the recipe she uses soon.)

Here is a photo of Reason #275 for having daughters.

It is also a photo of Reason #186 that I am not shedding a certain 8-unwelcome-lbs.

There were more cauliflower and broccoli ready for harvesting. Some of it will be eaten tomorrow, some of it went into soup, and some was blanched, bagged and frozen.

 Unlike those of you living in the baking heat, we don't tend to have bags of ice handy. Fortunately, I found this one in the freezer - just what I needed for the job at hand.

The photo doesn't show the colour properly, but the broccoli is so green after being blanched. 

All being well, this will be used when there's no fresh broccoli or cauli on the go.

I hope y'all have a blessed Lord's Day. If you are looking for something to listen to, here's a recommendation from me: Hannah Prepared for Blessing.

I was blessed listening to it, and it spoke specifically to some needs of my own soul right at the time I needed that. I hope it may be blessed to others too.


  1. I love blanching broccoli for so many different foods. It is my favorite way to do it for stir fry but I have never tried cauliflower. Does it have a good flavor blanched?

  2. Reasons for Having Daughters!!! I love it! My girls just cook and bake up a storm anymore. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    It was nice visiting, love Kathi

  3. Great pictures!! Oh that cake that cake that cake!! I am drooling that looks so good lol!! Have a wonderful Sunday and a very Blessed week ~Love Heather

  4. The dogs are cute, love the sheep and their curiosity, and that sponge cake...oh my! Enjoyable post.

  5. All great pictures...the cake treat looks wonderful. I think I would have trouble shedding those pounds too.

  6. It was a busy Saturday as usual. Jackson's face has changed dramatically. I don't know if I'd have recognized him if I'd met him in the road. Though the guilty don't-tell-anyone-you-saw-me-out-here look would have given him away.

  7. Almost giggled at the sheep photos! They made quite the subjects! haha And the dogs are GORGEOUS! I love those, they are border collies, right? I had several border collie/australian shepherd mix dogs and loved them. Super intelligent as well as beautiful. Now I have smart, sassy and adorably cute Australian Cattle Dogs (stumpy tailed). :)

    That cake looks a-maz-ing! Yummy! haha And so does the cauliflower and broccoli! I love those together, actually! Super yum.

  8. greetings, I just went back and and a look at all your beautiful post. Scotland is beautiful. Happy Anniversary on your wedding vows and Being The Bride of Christ.
    You have a very funny and sweet humor.
    Blessings Roxy

  9. Thank you all :)
    Yes, the dogs are Border Collies, and don't worry - I constantly hear how intelligent they are in comparison with my nice-but-dim Lab!

    Laurie, when we're seeing him every day we don't realise he's changing. Still, the maturing is physical only.... he's still as daft as a brush!

    Thank you all for visiting. We've been hearing the pathetic bleating of the lambs all weekend. It's so sad :(

  10. Loved the post. Those sheep remind me of a movie... I think it must be the movie "Babe". I keep expecting them to talk.

    I listened to and was very blessed by the "Hannah Prepared for Blessing" message. I have been re-reading her story out of I Sam. today. It was a reminder and encouragement I was needing. Thanks for sharing.
    Much Love,

  11. Another wonderful post! From adorable dogs to sheep to the most yummy looking veggies -- great stuff. And, yes...I'm one of those people living in the baked heat (with oodles of icecubes).


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