Beetroot - not out of a Jar

Sooooo.... tried something new tonight.

I followed this recipe for roasting beetroot - beetroot being something I've never cooked with nor eaten. In fact, the only beetroot I've ever come across is the beetroot in a jar, and it's not something that appealed to me very much.

Here they are ready for going into the oven.

The dressing had olive oil; balsamic vinegar (though I had none in, so I used white wine vinegar instead - haven't a clue if this made a huge difference or not!), lemon juice, garlic, salt and black pepper. Some fresh thyme and blobs of butter were sprinkled on top. They were covered in foil, cooked for, er, some time (I forgot to check the time), and then they were duly eaten.

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and the texture of them. Just as well, cos we've got a fair number of them in the plot, so they'll have to be eaten one way or another...

Oh, this probably sounds really stupid, but I couldn't get over how deeply pink they were. I think it may have been a sign: the juice was just a tad darker than my hair was way back when I was 17 ;)

I now have pink fingers. I also have a pink dish towel, a pink cloth and a pink blob on a kitchen cupboard. Oh, and a blob of pink on my t-shirt. 

And just to show you that in this house presentation means, er... nothing, here's the Builder's plate tonight.

Before ...

...and after

 Marks for presentation: 0
Marks for eating all your dinner, dear hubby: 10


  1. We love them sliced thinly, sauteed in olive oil, a little salt and pepper, then sprinkled with cinnamon

  2. Looks good! We roast them in the jackets wrapped in foil or parchment; the jackets slip off and then some butter, salt, pepper. Will try your way for the herbal impact!

  3. I have never tried cooking beets myself. I love pickled beets on a sandwich though. I think this winter if I can find any beets in the store I will have to try them. They look delish! :)

  4. I love beets, just looking at your pictures makes my mouth water. My daughter went to give blood and she was so weak when she got back, all I could think of was she needed iron. I had canned our beets in the spring and she has never liked them but I had her just take one to eat and she sat and ate the whole jar. Then she felt better. So I think they are worth the eating. Yours look so yummy. I will be growing more this fall.

  5. I used to "think" that I did not like beets. When I was growing up, They made me shudder. When we adopted the last 3 kids, we were in Russia 2 times; and of course in Russia they eat plenty of beats. I was surprised at how much I really liked them... at least the way they fixed them, and have loved beets ever since. We have a huge harvest of them this year, and I am about to do a post on garden veggie recipes.... I'll share a few beet recipes that we love. I like the way you cooked yours, and like "Farm Girl", the picture makes my mouth water too. They are very good aren't they?, and very good for you... and fairly easy to grow. Yea!
    Lots a Love,

  6. Peel your fresh beetroot and grate it, add some chopped mint, a little sour cream and a dash of balsamic vinegar stir well, a yummy fresh summer salad!

  7. I have never tried beet roots but you have inspired me. : )

    and...I don't blame your husband for clearing his plate, dinner looked DELICIOUS!

  8. I love, love, love beetroot that's not out of a jar, although I do also like jarred variety. You can also make soup from it, and I have a recipe for chocolate and beetroot cake, which is meant to be nice :-) there is nothing like fresh beet with a roast dinner.

  9. Deanne, love the sound of that :)

    I thought of making soup too, though it would be soooo pink... not sure if it would feel to much like drinking dyed fluids! Chocolate and beetroot cake....mmmm - now *that* sounds good :)

  10. Chocolate and beetroot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...they do sound worth a go!

    http://lifeinmyhousefulofboys.blogspot.com/2010/11/recipe-of-week-blood-soup.html that Kirsteens beetroot soup recipe. Although if the cupcakes turn out good, there may be none left for soup :)

  11. Looks delicious! We are growing beets this year for the first time! I know my dad pickled his last week, but I think I will try some this recipe and some referenced in your comments!

  12. Anne,
    Did you peel your beets before roasting them?

  13. Yes, Keri, I did, although I know others roast them whole with the peel on...


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