Weightless Wednesday

Today again, I'm linking up to Patrice's Weightless Wednesday.

Here are today's questions:

1. Are you happy with your recent attempts at healthy eating?
There's a problem with this question: it assumes attempts at healthy eating.

I'm moving on...

2. Do you ever put off things because you don't want to do them unless you look/feel better?
I put things off all the time. Just ask the laundry basket, waiting to see the clear light of day once again; the buttons waiting to be sewn onto shirts; the floor waiting for the mop's visit. In fact, you could ask almost any corner of my house, and they'd all vouch for the fact that I 'put things off'. 

I'm struggling with the latter part of the question though. '...unless I look/feel better?'.  Mmmm - 'look better'??
Moving on again...

3. Did you get all dressed up for Easter when you were a kid?
Nope. The Reformation went deep in Scotland. 

I hate to repeat myself, but I think another 'moving on' may be necessary here...

4. Do you have more of an appetite in warm weather or cold weather?
In warm weather my appetite is great. In cold weather it is great, but probably greater. 
Yes, cold weather = comfort food. Lots of it.

5. Have you done anything this past week that you could describe as "being kind to yourself"?
Well, I was away with the girls last week and I came home. The 'coming home' part was definitely being kind to myself. Ahhhh, home.

I know Jackson has nothing to do with Everyday Ruralty's Weightless Wednesday, but I can't post today without a photo of him.

Here he is under the table, asleep on DR's foot!


  1. Sweet puppy. You know after doing our history book this year on the Renaissance and the Reformation it really makes it seem so real with your comment about Easter. After reading so much about Scotland and all that happened, reading your comments makes history seem not in the past but now.

  2. Love your response to number one....and two....and three...

  3. I can completely relate to ... well, all of your answers!
    Love the photo of Jackson sleeping on a foot...so cute!
    And I really like the name Jackson...for many reasons!

  4. The picture of Jackson made me smile, thanks for including that.

    Loved your answers!

  5. Wishing you lots of luck. I've been procrastinating laundry and now I am paying for it today - way way way behind! (sigh)

  6. I thought perhaps for No4 you could have answered, 'warm weather?....moving on....'!

  7. Glad you posted another picture of Jackson. He is too sweet.

  8. I think Jackson was one of the best things about Wednesday Words of Weightloss! I agree with you when you say- ahhh, home! I feel that way every time I go somewhere.

  9. This blog post put a smile on my face at the end of a long day!!


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