Wednesday's Weightless Questions

Linking to Everyday Ruralty again today, and here are today's questions:

1. Should we classify cheesecake as dairy or a dessert? I'd have an amazing food pyramid if given the chance.
I think it ought to be classed as necessities of life food. It's got dairy - all that calcium; it's got fruit (normally - though some of our cheesecakes have been known to replace the fruit with Maltersers... but for this post, we'll pretend all our cheesecakes have fruit ;), and so we can have one of our fruit-and-veg portions for the day; but most of all, it's got all that happy-feel-good stuff - you know what I mean: the stuff that makes you go Mmmmmm after each forkful and the world seems a better place.
See. Health food.
2. How often do you get on a scale to check your weight?
For the first 19 years of married life, we didn't have scales in the house. Then, last year, I bought some. (Why do we refer to scales in the plural, when they're not balances any more?). I stood on them about twice in about 6 months, but have gone on them about 10 times in the past 10 days. They're clearly not working: I've cut down my intake of food - especially of the health-food types spoken of in Question 1 - but the scales still have not moved. 

I think I'll revert to my position of 19 years and chuck them out.
3. Do you wear an apron when you cook?
Well, I never, ever did, and then Pam at Where your Treasure is had an apron swap. Nowadays, I can often be seen donning an apron as I cook!

Actually, my Mum always wears one, and she would say to me every time she was in the kitchen, "Anne, I don't know how on earth you can cook with no apron". Clearly, the wearing of an apron affects one's cooking abilities!
4. Do you like to work in the garden? Tell us about your garden(s).
Oh yes! I love to work in the garden. I spoke about my seedling just a few posts ago, so I wont bore you with details again!

All being well, we'll have: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, onions, cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower (if the pesky root flies don't destroy them this year like they did last year), as well as herbs, peppers, chillis, and tomatoes and peas. They're both 'firsts' for us, so we'll see how they go.

There is so much work involved in a garden like this. I love it, but boy, it can be time-consuming and tiring at times. But definitely worthwhile.
5. Did you hug anyone today?
Yes! Some kids and a puppy! 
I was asleep when the Builder got up, and I was still asleep when he left the house. After twenty years of marriage, he knows better than to try hugging me if it'd mean wakening me!
(What a good wife I am.)


  1. I love that the first question was about cheesecake. Great answer! lol

  2. Yes, cheesecake has to be classified and fruit and veggies. :)

    As for scales, try walking and a good pace every day for 40 minutes. I don't do it, but those who have lost weight say it helps.

    As for hugging someone, I hug Andy every morning when I get him out of bed. He's a heavy sleeper and I find that to get him out of bed, it's just best to pick him up, and take him to the breakfast room and put in the chair. I consider that one of my precious moments with Andy. The problem is, even at 6, he weighs almost 70 lbs. (he's really tall), and I won't be able to do that much longer.

    As for Joey, he should be getting up here soon. I look forward to hugging him to help him wake up too. I hug my wife as often as possible.

  3. You need to tell those of us on this side of the pond what a Malterser is. It has the word malt in it, so it sounds like it might be yummy.

    Maybe you can just put your scale outside and some nice person in Iceland will think they found a treasure when it blows into their yard!

    Have great week!

  4. Scales are nasty like that you know. They refuse to budge after a full week of scarifice of those basic healthy foods, as you mentioned in questioned 1 and cranking up your heart rate with killer cardio routines. I usually slap myself in the head when I see that my scales aren't working. lol Have a good day!

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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  5. I think I like all of the things you have in your garden. I also am in agreement with you on the scales. I hope you have a good week.

  6. Your garden sounds like it'll be amazing! I love fresh veggies.

  7. Loved your answer to ques 1. My scale doesn't work either. And, I've been huggin' on my girl all day long. Can't get enough!

  8. Yes, Cheesecake is definitely a dairy and as you say we could always use more fruit... which reminds me I haven't had my calcium or fruit today. At my age, I need all the calcium I can get.

    I growl at my scale when I think perhaps I should step on it. It is rarely ever nice to me.. I don't like to give it any opportunity to insult me.

    I think of you when ever I wear my lamb and "Wellies" apron. Still love it.

    I don't think I have had my hug today... I'll have to change that. That puppy and calf in previous post are adorable.

    Much Love,

  9. Ha love the questions!! and ugh I hate scales I don't bring them any where near my house lol!! and cheesecake I agree is an important part of life to be shared with someone you love and not to be missed :) Wishing you a wonderful week ~Love Heather

  10. I always enjoy your "weightless" questions--and their answers.

    Nutrition Nazi that I am (I'm a dietitian), I have to say that cheesecake counts as a protein-heavy "extra" since cream cheese has very little calcium (bummer isn't it?) For my part, I'm totally in favor of your route of weight monitoring--I step on a scale (here in the Midwest US, we use the singular--not sure why) once in a blue moon. It's easier to track my own weight/shape by measures like how well my clothes fit. (On the other hand, I have my long-term care residents weighed at least once a week--since it's a little harder for me to track how a couple hundred people's clothes are fitting!)

  11. Oh this is a wonderful post! I'm the same with sleep - Dave wouldn't dare wake me, but these days I'm well & truely up & about before he goes to work! Had a giggle about the scales - ours are currently being used in the work shed area - not sure why, but I haven't missed them. Wearing an apron is essential - not sure why, but I love to wear them!
    Hope you have a wonderful day


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