You want to know our Saturday Surprise?

You ready for this....

...really ready?

Well, if you're sure, then scroll down.

Isn't he absolutely adorable!

This is my new baby.

His name is.... Well, I think I'll leave y'all guessing. I'll give you a couple of days....let's say Monday afternoon.

So, there are no prizes, and I don't want anyone commenting who already knows his name, but for the rest of you, let's play:

Guess the Name!  

(Just use a little brain and a little imagination. Remember, He's a 'he', and he's mine.) 

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!


  1. Uhhhh, Romeo?
    And just one more guess, please...Prince.
    That's all I got, but he sure is a handsome fellow!

  2. What a gorgeous pup! Love his coloring and his soft fur. His face is just so so so sweet too! I am trying to think of the name, Old Yeller ?


  3. Awwwwwwwww!!! We love him! Our black lab, Kathie, is one big baby. She would love him,too!

    Names?? Jeff said "Murray" for one of your favorite pastors. I say "Sandford" and you could call him Sandie for short since you live by the shore. (ok....I am slow this morning and I am just getting my coffee!) Ben says "Lee" because you love the South! Anna said "Darcy" since you love Pride and Prejudice. Ok.....I am getting more awake.....I will add "Jackson" for your respect of Stonewall Jackson.

    Are we close???

  4. I will guess Baxter...though I don't know why. Nothing like having a dog in the family, is there?!

  5. Okay, I just got up and decided to have my morning coffee... Steve's not here this morning (up and off earlier than me) so thought I would get on my blog while I enjoy the first sips... and there is this adorable pup on my sidebar. He sure is handsome. Nothing like a new puppy to warm the heart. Let's see everyone's suggestions above have been great. I think I need a few more sips of coffee while I contemplate.........how about Winston, for Winston Churchill? (I do actually have a grandson named for him, but you might be thinking in those lines)... or perhaps... Regan for Ronald Regan (I remember that post) ....lets see what else...well I've run dry. I'll be staying tuned.
    Much Love,

  6. ohhhh so sweet!!!
    love that second shot.
    i'm terrible at guessing games...really.

    a character from one of your favorite movies?

    hope ya'll had a great time, i know you are glad to be HOME! =)

  7. He's adorable! What a fun surprise! I'm guessless, but I like the guesses people have already made!

  8. He's just lovely!!! Let's see, what could the name BE?????

  9. Anne!!! Have you seen the guesses for 'his' name??!! Someone knows you waaaaay too well!!

  10. What a beautiful dog! I've been reading through all the other guesses - but have no idea which one it will be!

  11. He's adorable regardless of what his name is. Awwwwww!

  12. Congratulations on this new addition to your family. He is beautiful!

  13. William Wallace? I don't know... Is he in the kitchen? Does he have a twin? Still thinking about your previous post!

  14. Very cute and nice surprise.

  15. Oo, oo, oo! He is sooo cute! I have no idea what you named him...but I look forward to finding out!

  16. I have no idea what you have named him, all I know is he is the CUTEST pup I've seen in a very long time. OH, you lucky lady! He's just darlin'!


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