Monday Musings

Monday Musings... that's my way of kidding on that my ramblings have some purpose.

Here are a selection of today's ramblings.

I reckon it must be Spring because I have some of these...

... in my garden (the word 'garden' being used in the loosest sense possible, you understand),

and because we (again, 'we' is being used rather loosely here) have some of these....

They are cute.

Not, of course, as cute as...

If it weren't for the daffodils and the lambs, I would argue that Spring is nowhere in sight. 

If I was to decide on the season according to the temperatures outside, I would most definitely conclude it was Winter.

Our temperatures are in single figures (low to mid-40s Fahrenheit), and our winds are 50-60mph. Now, normally on a day like this, I wouldn't need to face the elements. Up until Saturday of last week, I would have seen the weather only from the safety of the inside of my home.

That, of course, was before Jackson, who has been the cause of my having to go out on numerous occasions today. 

Jackson, I want you to know that I wouldn't have braved that cold wind for anyone else, but having the pleasure of seeing you ....er, well, you know, er...do the business, made my day. 

Over and over again.

Last night, I had a dream that I was showing the Pioneer Woman the sights of Aberdeen.
There are three huge problems arise here:

1. I don't know the PW. She's a famous blogger, and when I begin dreaming about other bloggers - famous or otherwise - I worry that I really do need to get a life.

2. I don't know one end of Aberdeen from the other.

3. There are no sights in Aberdeen worth seeing. 

(Apologies to any Aberdeen-loving readers out there. I am willing to be corrected.)

Today my brother, his wife and kids, my sister, her husband and kids, and my Mum and Dad called in. While they were here, my Mum suddenly realised that all her and Dad's children, their spouses and all their grandchildren were right here under one roof. 

Great blessings.


  1. A blessing, indeed! I love when all of my family, or most, are under the same roof.

  2. Oh, how lovely to have a whole family together! That is a blessing! Nice that you live near enough for that to happen. I have a sister in Texas, a sister in Indiana, and a sister in Paris, France. I live in the state of Washington.....We are rarely all together. (But we do LIKE to be together!)
    That Jackson is really cute! Keep those pictures coming!
    Enjoy your family!

  3. Jackson is waaaaaay to cute!!!

    What a blessing for your parents to have you all together today!!!

  4. Great to hear everyone was together. I have a farm dog here named Jackson. He is an Australian Shepherd with a heart of gold, and he is a bit afraid of storms. Your little Jackson is too precious. Love those paws.

  5. Love your little pup. If I didn't have boys (and a husband) who were allergic to dogs I could be quite tempted to get one!

  6. Jackson is very cute! Since I am a new reader, I am interested in why you love Stonewall Jackson? He was an outstanding commander (probably the best there ever was) and find it very intriguing that you know of him and would name your dog after him. My dogs are named Reagan and Kennedy (yes, after the presidents)....I love fun and interesting names for dogs.

    I love PW, too. Ever read her book? It is a fun read.

  7. Great Blessings indeed enjoy your family mine is so far away I miss them ~Have a wonderful week such a cute puppy ~Love Heather

  8. I love your pictures...the puppy is so cute...looking at him made me want to go back to bed....

    How wonderful that you and your family can all be together....such a blessing!

  9. That is a cute, cute puppy! His paws look huge to me in that picture. :)

    We had a bit of wind here recently, but I'll stop complaining ;-) about it when I remember the winds you have to deal with!

  10. Love daffodils, love your puppy, & I really want to go play with those lambs!

    Your dream with Pioneer Woman cracked me up. ;)


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