Traffic Jam....Lewis-style!

The Builder was in a hurry to get to church the other night, but was held up by a jam-packed road.

This is a traffic jam. Lewis style!

Can't you just hear the Builder. He's running a couple of minutes late.

He has 5 minutes until the service begins. He would just have made it had nothing got in his way.

But he had to wait. 

Now, the Builder is the most patient guy you could ever hope to meet.

Hey, I'm still alive - this is testimony to his patience. I'm kidding.


It's okay guys...or dolls....

I've got allll the time in the world.

You just take your time. No hurry. I've now got three whole minutes to get to the service on time.

I don't believe it! One of them has come for a chat.

Sorry, pal. No time to chat. No offence or anything. Just.... would you mind.... CLEAR OFF!

Come on. Move. Steaks. Get going. Rib-eyes. 

See the cow getting ready to head-butt the car. He heard the Builder.

Or read his thoughts

Moving on....

...and on.

And the Builder made it. Just!


  1. It's hard to get angry with cows, isn't it, at least it is for my girls and I. We think they have the most beautiful eyes, which makes it impossible to be irritated with them. We've started taking walks to the edge of town where there are several cows in a pasture, only to find a new little guy had joined the family recently. We love cows! :o)

  2. Oh, Mrs C, we are totally with you on that! We think they're adorable. And - like you - it's the eyes that win the day.....big, round, brown....gorgeous!
    And baby ones??!! Oh my, they just take the biscuit, don't they.
    (Just don't ask me to get the gender correct....eek! Have you seen some former posts? Oh my!)
    Love, Anne x

  3. I love your cow posts. The garden ones... and the traffic jam ones.. so cute and funny. We've definitely been in a few cow traffic jams around here, and they are indeed test of one's patience when you are on your way somewhere. If you have the time they are delightful and entertaining. Yes, I agree with you both; cow eyes are precious, and that deep low moooo... Something very comforting about it. Speaking of that I need to mooove along and get my house cleaned and my day begun; hubby gets home tonight from 2 weeks away; can't wait to see him.
    Much Love,

  4. I really enjoyed these pictures at the Builders expense :) And the commentary through it all was delightful, especially the part about the Steaks and Rib-eyes :D Did you make it in time for service?

  5. The Builer was very tolerant letting you take photos while he fumed silently, grin. I think I'd have had to sit there and make comments like "it can't be long now . ." or "shall I go and hurry them along" (*can* you hurry cows? I suspect like small children, most of the time you can't, more hurry, less speed)

    That is why we leave for church/anywhere half an hour before we have to (and arrive half an hour before we have to) - just in case we run into cows :-))

  6. H - He didn't 'allow' me to take photos.Actually, I wouldn't have dared .... so I sent Catherine out to take the photos! Always safer sending one of the girls. Daddy's don't shout at their girls.
    Oh - not that he shouts at me either, lest anyone get the wrong impression!!
    Love, A x

  7. Hi
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful!
    I know exactly what it's like to be held up by livestock - a lot of the roads around here are stock routes which means that animals can be allowed to roam slowly along them. Usually it's when you're in a hurry that you come across a huge herd!
    Glad the builder was patient!
    Great, Fun pictures@

  8. I loved the post..I would much rather deal with a Lovely Cow Traffic Jam...then the ones I deal with here in Southern California.And the cows look much more pleasant then the attitudes that are seen in the SoCal traffic Jams...You wouldn't want to trade would you... ; )

  9. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. What's better than a surprise comment from someone across the world!!?? Do you think you got to me from Pioneer Woman?

    Yours is a great blog! I envy the beauty of where you live (but I'll skip the guga, if that's okay).

    And you do take great pics!! So keep it up!

    Michelle in MA, USA

  10. re: to Anne- I call all the babies "little guys" I don't know the difference either. ha ha

    I feel in good company to see all those smitten by cows in your comments. =D


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