Y'all know by now how I love my vegetable plot.

And you probably know that when I think of plants, I think of...
...something like this

or this

or even this

ooooh, or this!

You see, until I discovered the wonders of a vegetable plot, I'd never kept anything green alive for more than a week.

It may have been my aversion to the colour.

Or it might have had something to do with the fact that I have to remember to water them.

You see, we live off the West coast of Scotland. When we plant stuff outside, we don't have to water them very often. 

But inside is a different story. I have to remember to water them, and this is the problem.

It's the remembering. That's my difficulty.

So, what on earth was my friend, Dawn, thinking when she gave me thirty Strawberry runners last Monday? 

They'd been on sale, she said. 
Postage had been free, she said. 
Hardly cost anything, she said. 
No matter if none survive, she said.

She clearly has a great deal of faith in my green fingers. Or not.

Anyway, I dutifully planted them on Tuesday. It was so cold outside in the 'greenhouse', I took the compost, the tubs and the plants into the Utility room. 

And here they are having been planted. 

Not looking great, are they?

But today, aren't they looking perkier?

Definitely looking brighter.

So who knows, Dawn. We may be having strawberries and cream on the patio next summer after all.

Well, drop the 'outside on the patio' part. 
This aint Virginia. Or Colorado. Or Michigan. Or Pennsylvania. 

This isn't even the mainland of Scotland, for crying out loud.

But if we are eating strawberries from these plants next summer (I use the term 'summer' loosely - I simply mean during the months of May to August), I sure will be letting you all know.

In fact, I may call in the local radio station, such will be the amazement!

Watch this space!


  1. I live in hope!! :)

    They are looking all green and perky...you just never know!

  2. Every plant I've ever tried to keep within my house has died. The little African violets in pots I have on my table now are only alive due to the fact that my mom visits often enough to water them just in the brink of time.
    I've always wanted an outside garden plot, but I still have to convince my husband that I can keep something green alive. (My earth-boxes have done well this summer, so that's a start!)

  3. I hope you do end up with a big crop!!! We are the opposite - almost anything you plant outside will survive in the soil as long as you remember to water, water, water, water constantly in summer. Of course if my chickens end up getting them, then it's not so nice!
    I do have one more question - what do you do with radishes? I planted some & they've grown beautifully, but I have no idea how to use them!
    Have fun

  4. Renata: did you have to ask about the radishes?! You know, they grew really well, but I had such a busy summer, and I'd never had radishes before, I didn't have time to do anything with them. I feel so bad about that, because I really hate wasting good food. I'd planned to pickle them, but I never got around to it. Cringe!

    Dawn: wont it be amazing if we do have them next summer! Amazing, but delicious!

    Leah: Well, I'm glad there are others like me! It really is true that I've never kept anything alive inside. That's why the whole success of the plot still leaves me slightly dazzled.... IT DIDN'T DIE!! So, try and persuade hubbie that outdoor 'greens' are definitely worth a try - even for those of us who kill inside greens just by looking at them!

    Love, Anne x

  5. Hello from across "the pond." I'm got to your site from a home school mom"s blog that I found on Home School Hop. You may be listed on there too and I might not be that far down the list yet.

    We farm and home school our four children. I work part time as a chef.

    I am your newest follower. I will drop back by when I have more time to look over your blog. The photo with the sheep is beautiful! Please drop by my blog for a visit. Don't forget to say hello. I love to have comments and followers.

  6. I managed to keep a cactus type plant alive once, does that count? In fact it was so ugly I tried to kill it off and I couldn't!!!

  7. Beautiful vegetables Anne! Everything looks so fresh and yummy! And yes the strawberries look very perky! How fun!

  8. I planted my first garden ever this past summer in Indiana. Where it got into the 90s almost every day. And humid (bacteria love that stuff). And no rain. A-l-l summer. I watered and watered. And my broccoli came in,...barely (and bitter). And my brussel sprouts must sprout better elsewhere (say, Brusssels?) And my summer squash grew HUMONGOUS and gave off a beautiful squash. All ONE of it. And the beets,...pathetic little balls that they were. The lettuce looked fine,...till the squash plant "squashed" the life out of it. and the peppers,...half the size of a regular bell pepper and such little bells at that. But the tomatoes. Mmmmm! Even though they had end rot, they were STILL delish. Clearly, I have not the knowledge necessary to bring forth food of the earth, lol.

  9. Oh Toni, we complain about the cold, and there are just as many probs - if not more - with the heat!

    Dawn - I don't think keeping a cactus alive counts. Definitely not!

    Patrice: welcome! Lovely to 'meet' you. I'll call over at your blog too, and say Hi. Where about in the US are you? We've only visited one wee section of your country.....but we're still dreaming of seeing much more of it!

    Elizabeth: it will be amazing if we get fruit next year as well as veg. I hadn't expected the veg to be successful a few years ago, but it's still easier to grow veg than fruit, I think. Still - here's hoping!

    Love Anne x


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