Daughters. Aint nothing like 'em!

I love having daughters.

I may have mentioned this before, but it's worth saying again.

The fact that I'm saying it today has nothing to do with the fact that today, Catherine made these. 

Cinnamon rolls

...with maple frosting.

The recipe is here, on the Pioneer Woman site.

That's where you can find the recipe.

As for the hired help? She's not for sale!


  1. Why can't you live closer....I'd be round for a cuppa!!

    Save one for me!!!

  2. I wish!

    And yep - one saved for you....just don't ask for any more - you know what we're like for eating our baked good!
    Love, A x

  3. I love daughters too, Anne!

    Thanks so much for encouraging Anna by leaving comments on her gardening blog. She has been faithful for 2 seasons to post on her blog. She just felt like she needed to end the posting and focus on projects like her photography. (BTW, we love your pictures!)
    I am so glad she will keep gardening for our family!

    Applesauce is next for us. Our leaves are beginning to turn here in the Shenandoah Valley.

    Anna and I will continue to read your blog!


  4. Good to hear that, Leslie. it'll be nice to feel like we're still in touch.
    I've just said to everyone in the family, 'We've just had a visitor from the Shenandoah Valley'. You should have heard them all! The exclamations ranged from 'Aaaahhh', to 'We REALLY didn't need to know that, thank you (green with envy)' to 'Aaarrghgh - I want to *be* there!'

    Love, Anne x

  5. Anne,

    Have you been to the Shenandoah Valley before?

    Now, if you do come to this side of the ocean, you are more than welcome to stop by our house for tours of Stonewall Jackson's house in Lexington, New Market Battlefield and the many other historical sites from The War Between the States! The valley has a very rich heritage.

    Funny, while we were camping and hiking around the Chesapeake Bay a few weeks ago, we all said that we should get to know you all better so we would actually "know somebody" if we ever got to go to Scotland! My 16 year old son, Ben, would love to go to Scotland. He is the one who really enjoys your landscape pictures. He is reading a book by Dane Love called Scottish Covenanter Stories. Our Pastor gave it to Ben. LORD willing, if we can find a way, we would love to get our family to Scotland for Ben's sake before he marries one day. (Thankfully, he still only loves his sister and his 1948 Farmall Super A tractor...whew!)


  6. Oh the cinnamon rolls look amazing! Making my mouth water!


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