Friday Favourites

My first Friday favourite is today's weather! Actually, no. Scrap that. My first favourite is this guy

- specifically, this guy having a day off today. That fact, combined with 

this weather (isn't it ah-ma-zing!) has made for a pretty perfect day so far.

We went to the Harris and Lewis Smokehouse Restaurant for lunch (in the photo, he's examining some of the joinery work in the building. Those of you who are married to tradesmen - you'll know what I mean, right? In Every. single. Building, he subconsciously examines the woodwork!)

We both had Seafood Morney Crepe, and it was absolutely delicious.

We then 'pottered'.

The MV Seabourn Ovation was in the harbour. The passengers were certainly seeing Lewis at its best.

Our own ferry seemed so small as she passed by, on her way across to Minch on the lunchtime sail to Ullapool. 

*            *            *

This is my second Friday Favourite. She had a shower this morning and is now the sweetest-smelling, fluffiest, softest, most adorable cockapoo this side of the Mississippi.

*            *            *

My next Friday Favourite is a recommendation of a series of sermons preached fairly recently by Mr Ian MacLeod, who is Scottish but lives in Michigan. It's a series on Joseph, and the first is called Joseph: A Bird's Eye View.

There are eighteen sermons in the series, and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed with one of them. The webpage for the whole series can be found here.

Let me know if you listen.

*            *            * 

Final Friday Favourite:

Listen, enjoy, and feel your heart being lifted up in praise to the King of Kings!

*            *            *

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