More Mobile Phone Photos

I know y'all are desperate to see more of my mobile photos, so here are some of the latest ...

What can I say? She has taken over my camera.

And my house. And my thoughts. And our family. Frankly, I have no recollection of life pre-Niseach.

*      *      *

Now, there's a bit of a story behind the following photos. My mum was getting rid of some sandals. Perfectly good sandals, I might add.

But when I showed them to my younger sister (the fashion-concious-fashion-savvy one in the family), she almost choked on her Latte. 

That's what fashion-concious-fashion-savvy people drink, you know.

She completely and utterly, and with all seriousness, banned me from even thinking about wearing them.

Now, I do apologise for asking the Homeschool on the Croft FB readers before I asked my loyal blog readers, but when I asked on Facebook, the comments came flowing in thick and fast.

In fact, I have never had as many comments - ever.

One hundred and two, to be precise.

And it has to be said that most folks agreed with my fashion-savvy sister.

What do y'all think? I honestly (totally honestly) have no idea what's wrong with them. 

No. idea.

*      *      *

I was making lunch for Mum and Dad yesterday, and when my folks have fish, they must have fish knives and forks. It struck me that this strand of etiquette may be dying out, but I may be wrong. Personally, I like to use fish knives for my fish dishes, but I have been known to be a Philistine and use ordinary cutlery for such a meal. 

Is this forgivable? Indeed, is it so totally forgivable that the question doesn't even seem pertinent to you? 

I kinda need to know whether I'm hanging on for dear life to an outdated (like, apparently, the sandals) practice, or should I keep up the fish-knives-for-fish habit?

(Oh, as an aside, the tray cloth in the photo was embroidered by my mum when she was at school. She was 12 at the time, so that tray cloth is around 67 years old. Cool, eh?)

*      *      *

I'm staying at my sister's home right now (yes, *sigh*, the fashionable one), and when I came out of the bathroom yesterday morning, this is what awaited me.

No, I wasn't in the bathroom for long. 

Yes, she was missing me.

And this wee face is what was staring at me as a dried my hair at a downstairs mirror.

Tell me: is she not the sweetest wee face y'all have seen today?

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