An Addition ...

We have a new addition to our family...

Have you just squealed? I mean reeeeaaaallly squealed?!

She's nine weeks, and she's a Cockapoo. 

But really, she's just gorgeous.

We're taking things slowly to begin with ....

Today, we introduced her to the very dangerous tennis ball.

She took quite some time sussing the thing out, before she realized she was not going to be attacked by this spherical, yellow, inanimate ....thing.

Once she realized this, all was well with the world.

And she did what she does best: she grabbed it and ran like the wind.

('ran' being used loosely here. She is still at the adorable 'lollopping' stage!)

One more thing: She has been named, so dear readers, you are not getting to name her, but would y'all like to guess her name? Leave your guess in the comments ... :)


  1. She's adorable!

    I have no guess on her name!

  2. I am definitely squealing, she is gorgeous. Heather is my guess.

  3. She's wonderful! I guess Bonny. Is Jackson still with you? If so, does he get along with her? :)

  4. Niseach? (or would that just trigger homesickness?)

    1. Did you just get that?! I've just revealed her name on a newer blog post, posted this minute!!


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