Sunshine, Trees, a Walk, and Some Stunning Scenery

Our cottage sits on the side of a hill. From the front of the cottage, we look down the hill - primarily at trees, albeit beautifully coloured trees at this time of year. And so the trees are forgiven for hiding the countryside beyond.

However, today we headed out the back of the house ...

and into the wooded area behind the cottage.

The sun was shining, it was the mildest of November days, and Katie and Calum Stewart  persuaded me to head out into the sunshine.

Katie, like me, stuck to the tracks, whilst the Wee Guy took less conventional routes.

These trees are tall. 

The aged parent (that's me) was way fitter than the pair who were following me up the path.

C'mon guys! 

The day was stunning. The view was beyond stunning, if that is possible. Our frequent stops on the way up the path had nothing to do with the steepness of the climb and our own general lack of fitness, did it, Katie?

Nope. Not at all. Our frequent stops were simply to drink in some of the beauty around us.

Above the tree line, there was little growing but heather. Most of it had a real beyond-summer look to it, but here and there, there were splashes of colour still remaining.

I do love the way some plants cling on to summer for as long as possible, extending their flowering season and so giving us the pleasure of their colourful beauty well after their allotted time has passed. It feels like they've gone above and beyond their call of duty, for no reason other than to give us added pleasure.

Bennachie is right behind where we live, and although we weren't climbing Bennachie, we climbed to the top of part of this ridge.

Clearly a number of folks had added their own stone to this càrn over the years. It was so beautiful today, we could easily have sat having a picnic here. As it was, we'd come food-less (never excusable), and so we simply drank in the beauty around us.

Here's Bennachie, south of where we were. All being well, we'll reach the fort at the top one day. After all, to not go to where a fort is would be, well, unforgivable. Ain't that right, CS?

It was a fair way up our chosen path, but an easy enough walk. And of course the descent was great fun! I'm so glad I persuaded myself to leave my work, forget my ironing, and even ignore the fact that Calum Stewart had done his History, but not his Maths or any of his other work, and siezed the moment.

Winter isn't far off, and so enjoying this Indian summer kinda day was important. What was even more important was simply enjoying some outdoor fun with the Wee Guy, who isn't wee any more, and who is, at least, still living with us.

Unlike the two older kids who've deserted us. What's all that about, eh? What on earth has possessed them to think of living away from their Mum and Dad. I mean ... they're still babies, for crying out loud.

Well, they were just a couple of short years ago.


  1. Oh what fabulous beauty in the area!! Good for you doing a hike! :) I'm sure you put those young'uns to shame. I agree - those two older ones are just babes, not ready to have left yet. Silly children.

  2. What a lovely day you had! Thanks for taking us with you on your walk!


  3. Scotland is the most beautiful place on earth. When the plane in Edinburgh lifts off for the US you can be certain that I am the one sobbing . Your walk was breathtaking !

  4. Beautiful! Looks like you've found another lovely place to live!
    I didn't realize DR wasn't there with you. Two gone at once is a bit much....didn't they get the memo?

  5. Oh Anne, what a beautiful place!! I love being able to get a picture of where you are now. You're comment about seizing the day reminded me of Fairlight's comment in the book Christy. "The house, it's already been a-settin' here for a hundred years. It'll be right here tomorrow. It's today I must be livin'." On certain days, it's the right philosophy! ;)

    1. *your (sorry - can't stand to leave that)

    2. 😀 youR a good editor, Sarah!

  6. Welcome to Aberdeenshire, it really is a beautiful place! There are so many nice places to walk, loads of historical castles and such like for yourself and you are really never too far away from the sea. I know it will not be quite as close as what you were used to but it does feed my craving. Wishing you many happy years in your new home.

    1. Thank you, Aileen :) . Doing some castle visiting is on our list of to-dos... so many within easy driving distance! We're hoping once winter is over, to be packing our picnic basket and going off castle hopping :) :)

      And yes, I think I'll be very happy here. The cottage we're in right now isn't our own so will be temporary, but hopefully we'll have a home of our own in the not-too-distant future.

      Thanks for your lovely comment,


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