Happy Birthday, Katie!

We have had two birthdays this week here. 

Y'all may or may not know that these two gifts were given to me on Mothering Sundays. Yep, on Mother's Day, 1995, I was given our first daughter; and on Mother's Day, 1997, I was given our second daughter.

How cool is that?!

Surely the best Mother's Day gifts ever!

My baby girl was 18 this week, so I thought I'd take some trips through Memory Lane to remind Katie of some things she's done, and places she's been in the past few years.

*      *      *

Katie, remember when yourself, Catherine, and myself went for our trip to Edinburgh?

This was where you first cut your hair short ...

.... and where you had great fun in the shops. 

*      *      *

Remember when the three of us went to Inverness for a wee trip?

...and you took me to McDonalds, where you both had a laugh at my expense when the tray arrived and I asked where the glass was.

A glass?? In McDonalds?!?! Clearly, I had a lot to learn...

*      *      *

And remember our overnight trip to London? Our whistlestop tour of the city, and then our non-stop drive from the south of London all the way to Inverness.

Fun times .... even though the Boris Bikes were clearly not made for people who are as, erm, vertically challenged as you and me ...

*      *      *

 Remember when you decided to do the Ice Bucket challenge ... in the Atlantic!

... when you got to vote for the first time?

when you got the first glimpse of Catherine in a wedding dress?

When we had a fun photo-shoot down on the beach?

And remember when your older siblings went off to Europe without you?

Just as well you've got a forgiving nature, eh? :)

*      *      *

You're happy with tools in your hand ...

Yup, you're in your element when you're armed and dangerous ...

But you are happiest behind the wheel of ... well, of any vehicle!

On the other hand, we are happiest when you do your stuff in the kitchen.

No matter what you turn your hand to, it all turns out delicious, whether the mint fudge, 

or the yummy Victoria Sponge.

*     *     *

Eighteen years ago, Katie, God gave us our second daughter, our third child. 


Over the years, you've made us laugh so much; you've brought us so much joy ...

You really are our very Special K...

and I love you.

More and more with each year that passes.


  1. What a great post! For a dear daughter!
    Happy Birthday, Katie!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter!


  3. A beautiful post for your daughter, many happy returns to her.

  4. How special is that... Happy birthday to your beautiful gals - hope you have a fabulous week of celebrating!!!

  5. Such a nice post and a wonderful way to recognize your beautiful daughter

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters!!!

  7. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

  8. That was so sweet. What a treasure trove of memories. Happy Belated Birthday Katie!


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