When my Heart goes Ahhhhh ...

You know, I'm not very good with mediocrity. I tend to be moved one way or the other with most things. If I read a book, watch a movie, or listen to the news, my heart feels something. Many times, that is exhausting, but there you have it: that's me!

Some things make my heart weep. Other times, I feel anger, sorrow or even anguish. 

But there are some things that make my heart ...

... *sigh contentedly*

These things de-stress me. It's like air coming slowly out of a balloon. They calm me, and take me to a more 'Ahhhhhhh' place. (I'm good with words. It's why I'm called a walking Thesaurus. Could you tell?)

This is my #1 Ahhhh-inducer. Yep, seriously. I've had twenty years of him walking through the door after his days' work, and every single time, my heart gives a wee Ahhhh, he's home :)

This pair. Any day of the week, my boys make my heart sigh a smiling sigh.

When you add this pair to a scene of working with sheep on a calm Spring day, with the sea in the background ... yes, another Ahhhh-inducing scene.

This view from my sofa.

At the end of a busy summer day, when we finally sit in the Family Room ... tired, but with a healthy tiredness, and I look out at this peaceful scene - a scene full of such calm beauty - my heart most certainly has that Ah, Lord, truly my cup overflows feel to it.

As with my other selections, my worries seem to float away when my eyes feast on this scene

Many other scenes and circumstances make my heart feel other kinds of emotions, like anguish, joy, or sadness... But these are just some of my Ahhhhh ones.

What are your 'calmers'? Are they similar to mine? Or very, very different?


  1. Your #1 Ahh Inducer is the same as mine...just a different man inspires mine. ;) We've been married for soon to be 42 years and I've never been able to get enough of him. He is known as Strong Heart because that is who he is to me. Another of my Ahhh inducers is baking or trying a new recipe or making candy...you get the idea...all things pertaining to the kitchen. At one time I despised the clean up though...now, not so much. I enjoy even that because it puts my kitchen aright once again.

  2. This is so sweet Anne, and very precious. Yes, I have some similar ahhh inducers. My hubby has the same effect on me as yours does on you. He is truly my best friend, and he soothes my life. Getting a call from my girls ( the twins), is another life soother to me. They are so full of sweetness, calming, wisdom and help; I feel that ahhh every time they call.

    Have a great week. Love and Blessings,


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