Questions and The Weather ... Always a Safe Topic.

Hi Patrice! 

Erm, are y'all still functioning over there? I heard the government shut down or something, so I'm wondering how We the People are surviving ...

What? You're managing?? But I thought you'd run out of money? 

What? ... you ran out of money ages ago?

So, were you just wanting more money to run out of ... ?

Hmmm ... methinks I'll move onto safer topics ;)

How are you enjoying your Fall weather? Over here, we are enjoying some stunningly beautiful days. In fact yesterday, when I had commented (for the umpteenth time) on the beauty of the day, I did say to DR, 'Imagine how much your friends in Grand Rapids miss out on because of how they take days like these for granted. I'll bet none of them are on their umpteenth 'Oh, isn't this beautiful!' by ten o'clock in the morning.'

For some reason, he couldn't see that having months of beautiful weather is a negative, simply because you may not go on and on (and on and on) about the beauty of the weather because it's so unusual.

Strange creatures, sons.

And so, onto your questions for today ...

1. When you pass the salt, do you automatically send the pepper with it?

No, I don't think so. I seldom pass the salt to the Builder - he really doesn't add salt to his food. But he adds lots and lots of black pepper. So the pepper mill heads his way at every meal.

2. How many fingers do you usually type with?

All of them, I think. Well, come to think of it, my left thumb doesn't do anything, because I always press the space bar with my right thumb. But apart from this one redundant digit, all the others get used. 

On the subject of typing, does anyone know why the Querty keyboard placed the letters where they are? There really seems little rhyme nor reason to it. Maybe that's why I'm so comfortable with it.

3. Do you keep interesting coins when you run across them?

I seldom come across interesting coins. DR used to collect coins and had some very old ones, with fascinating histories, I'm sure. The coins themselves mean nothing to me, but I do wish they could tell their stories. I'd love to know through whose hands they passed, and what they bought. How did the people earn this coin? And why was it spent on this particular item? Was it a gift? Or a necessity? Was it spent wisely? Or foolishly? Was it handed over gladly? Or with resentment?

Oh, these coins could have so many stories to tell. But, alas, they are silent. Frustratingly so.

4. Did you enjoy September, or did it fly by too quickly?

Has it gone? Dearie me, so it has. The bottom of my laptop screen tells me it's the 1st of the 10th. See, here in the UK, we do things properly: we place day first, then the month, then the year.

Today, then, is the first of October, 2013.

That is so much more logical that giving the month, then the day, then the year.... Pfft, we still have a few things to teach y'all ;)

5. If I could _______________, I'd get more done each day.

If I could get by on less sleep ....

If I could have raised a family that never needed feeding .... (Ha!)

If I was still running my home before the days of the internet ....

Aha! I may have hit the nail on the head with that last one!

*      *      *

I'll post a photo of last night's sky, taken just after the sun had set. At this time, you still had a government....

Oops, sorry! 

(Hand duly slapped)


  1. So far, we haven't noticed that our government has shut down, but fortunately no one I know or related to works for the federal government...I do hope things are dealt w/ quickly, so that those families depending upon their paychecks from their government jobs, are not hurt by this.

    Haven't stopped by in so long, just had to say "howdy!" to you friend! So thankful you all are having pleasant weather, what a beautiful sunset!

    1. Thanks for dropping by ... was just thinking about you yesterday :)

  2. Replies
    1. What? Really?? You are still managing??? That cannot be ....

  3. Lovely weather! We too are enjoying sunshine and warmer temperatures. Bring back the shorts and sandals.

    1. Hmmm, well, not quite shorts and sandals weather here, but it has been deliciously lovely :)

  4. My first time here and oh, how I have enjoyed myself! I want to return again and again! Glad you are having such lovely weather!

    1. Thank you, Dianna. I'm so glad you stopped by and will be delighted to welcome you back again and again :)

  5. Stunning photo .... unfortunately I know several people looking forward to no pay check this week... just love it when politicians can't act like civil human beings.

  6. No government? Well, we still have self-government, family government, church government, and maybe just a little less civil government. we'll see how all turns out in God's Providence.

    1. ... and it's all in His hands ... what a comfort :)

  7. My husband is not working today, my neighbors are not working either. Nothing has changed YET. We'll see come payday, or maybe tomorrow.
    Mr. Santos doesn't use salt either, just jalapenos with every meal!

  8. Hello, I just had to comment, Your always so funny! It was nice to see this post! Really the last time we had a goverment shut down all the workers were paid after the fact so, more then likely they are all on paid time off! Goverment is way toooooo big around these parts!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Yep ... seems to be growing everywhere, Roxy :(

  9. Our government shut down. Yes. Wendell isn't worried. He is truly an inspiration to us all. I will vote for him in the next election. Wendell for president!

    1. YES, Patrice. I can just see him on the steps of the White House!

  10. Yes, we put the date then month too, and it can be confusing when the day is from 1 and 12 now that we are global.
    Lovely pic of the sky,.
    Have a great week.

  11. I've always wondered why the month is first, then the day here in America, but the day is first, then the month in Great Britain. As for the QWERTY keyboard....I think it's to put the most used letters within easiest reach, thereby making typing faster.

    It's always a treat to read your blog!

  12. Beautiful photo! Looks like it must have been a beautiful day!
    When I check the weather here, I look and see the weather there (still have it handy from when Sarah was with you!)...and lately, we've had basically the same temperature...but that lovely brightness? we've had NONE of it....rain, rain, and more rain...record setting rain.... Enjoy that sunshine for us!, we may not come up for breath until Thursday!

  13. I loved your little quip about "We the People" and put it on Facebook today. It has already been shared. :)

    Yes, many Americans who didn't vote for this president are very frustrated and a little worried. Health care has increased SO much, our cost of living raises can't even begin to cover the added health care costs. Those that are on fixed incomes have the greatest problems. His affordable health care? Excuse me? He has hurt the poor and the middle class so much, I can't see who he has helped.

    So, I loved your little quote because it made me laugh, when I want to cry. You gave a great view of how others view our country. You showed common sense when our own politicians aren't showing any. Thanks.


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