My Personal Shoppers

We lived in Glasgow when our three older kids were young. They are fairly close to each other in age, and one of the least favourite parts of my week was the weekly shopping. Shopping for our groceries with three kids, all aged four or under, was not the most pleasant of tasks!

All you mums of young kids  know what I'm saying, I reckon.

But earlier this week...

... this happened.

And today, Catherine and Katie are heading off to town to do The Shopping. It honestly seems like it's only a couple of years since I was pushing that massive trolley around with three kids in it as well as the food.

And now, they are doing the shopping for me.

'Blink and you miss it' comes to mind, when I think of our kids' childhoods. I know things can be tough going at times when the kids are young. When I was at that stage with the wee ones, the Builder was never really around until late evenings, and he even worked every Saturday morning, so I had to do the shopping with the kids and without him - otherwise, his only few hours off, on a Saturday afternoon, were spent in ASDA! 

So today, I say to young mums everywhere: be encouraged. I urge you to try and get as much enjoyment out of the kids as you can when they are young. And on really tough days, remember this: It will be over in a flash.

And when these more tiring days pass, you have the pleasure of kids with whom you can have wonderful conversations, and with whom you can laugh. A lot.

Conversation and laughter are two of the most wonderful gifts you can have with your older children. But they probably come when you've had plenty of both with your younger children.


  1. It is amazing how fast our children grow up!
    My daughter lives far away, and I so miss those days. This time of my life has given me alot of quiet. I love it and yet miss the bustle of days gone by.
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. They do grow fast. One thing that makes my oldest most upset about growing up, it the fact she will not be able to drive because of being legally blind. So, My first driver will be my second oldest. He has another four years to go.

  3. There is nothing that compares with the friendship you have with your kids when they are all grown up. I began feeling that "friendship" with them as they got past toddler years, somewhere between 6 and 10 it seems like. Those were such happy, happy days. I cherish and miss the days when they were all here. I long for them to all move back to Colorado; which is on their lists as well... they all dream about moving back, and that helps soothe my own longing for them; I fantasize about them all living up the road, and the grand babies coming to grammy and grampa's any time. Well here I am going on and on about missing them... look what you have done to me.. ha ha.
    I agree about conversation and laughter.. it is the best, my favorite. Many Blessings to you and your precious family Anne

    Love Pam

  4. Oh...you are so right...time just flies by! You have beautiful daughters!...What is she ripping in half?

  5. That's quite a milestone. You may have to book time to access your own car! It was a great boon when our daughter passed her test - no more driving across town late in the evening to collect her from friends' houses. I wonder how long it will be until our wee car makes its way up to St Andrews now that she's at uni there, 'because it's so much easier to transport my clarsach in the car instead of booking a taxi'...

    And yes, the friendship is so precious and my husband and I are missing it like crazy now that both children are away at uni. Lucky you with several years still ahead of you in that respect.

  6. I always appreciate posts like this. I am somewhere between the two stages. My older kids are getting to be really good helpers, but I still have "babies" too. Thanks :)

  7. You are right, that conversation starts in the younger years, continues on as they grow older, and it all goes by way too quickly. It is a joy to converse with your children, no matter what age. Talking with, and not down to our children is the way it's done, wouldn't you say? They respect parents, when we teach them respect in this way by our example. You have beautiful children, and it's quite clear they love you and respect you as well.

  8. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I hear this a lot from mothers with older (grown) children.


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