On Patrice's Porch for Sunshine and Warmth

Patrice, you always think up fabulous questions!

1. Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

That question is almost on a par with 'Which exercise do you most enjoy doing?', Patrice. I say almost, because it's not quite as ridiculous, but ... almost!

I am longing for the day when our local supermarket begins online shopping. I am willing to pay the extra few pounds to have the bags delivered to my door. Of course, were they to begin offering to actually put the shopping into the appropriate cupboards, I'd happily pay yet another few pounds.

Until the stores begin this service, I shall continue relying on Catherine, who conveniently passed her test, and began working in Stornoway. The combination of both these means she can do most of the shopping for me.

At this stage of life, going shopping after work is still something of a novelty. As long as she's happy to do ... I'm happy to ask.

2. Are you following any particular news story?

Yes, I'm following the Edward Snowden story.

The tennis at Wimbledon doesn't count as news, I guess, but I am following it. Very closely.

3. How do you feel about all the technology we have today? Is it too much, just right, or not enough?

Dr David Murray recently blogged on his HeadHandHeart site on technology with How Technology Made me a Better Christian. I agreed wholeheartedly with what he said, and in the comments section, I wrote:

AMEN!! I can *not* imagine living my life without technology … Picture the scene: homeschooling mum, 25 miles from the next homeschooling family, and NO homeschooled kids AT ALL around the ages of our older kids within hundreds of miles, living on an island in a nation where homeschooling is still a peculiarity, and where the homeschooling materials I want are simply not found.
Now add the internet: all the homeschooling resources I could ever want – at my fingertips. All the encouragement I could ever hope for from other mums who’ve ‘been there and done that’ on a screen in my living room. All the sermons, lectures, talks corresponding to my different needs as a mum, wife, homeschooler, Christian in the 21st century, right there, at the press of a button. Daily communication with others who have needs/desires/hopes/difficulties like my own is now possible because I can talk/type with others who are like-minded and in similar life situations to my own.
This has been my *lifeline*! I have met folks online and these ‘meetings’ have led in some instances to face-to-face meetings. others I’ve spoken with on the phone and built up real and precious friendships. And others, I will only meet in heaven, but for now, our daily or weekly keyboard chats adds much to my life.
And most of what is added is very, very good.

And this only skims the surface of the benefits technology has brought into my life.

You can see from that comment how I feel about technology!

4. On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being the least) how much do you worry?

I'm probably around 3 on any normal day. I have spells where I shoot up to around 8, but my default position is not to be a worrier.

I don't tend to worry about health issues - maybe because I saw in my own life how completely and utterly in God's hands we are.

I don't worry about crime affecting me personally, but that's probably because of where we live.

And, as I say, from day to day, I'm not a worrier.

There are a few things that ping me up that scale, mind you.

Most of them concern my kids and my nation.

5. Without any of your responsibilities or concern with how you would accomplish this, what would your three dream jobs be?

To perform surgery must be amazing! I do love most things medical, though I could never be a nurse. I can do blood and the inside of the body, but oh dear me! having to clean up pukey stuff..... *bleugh*. Even writing it is turning my stomach.

I really think surgeons do an amazing job. We watched some programmes recently about brain surgery.

Wow. These gifts these guys have been given.... Incredible!

Author. Reader.
I wrote author first because I was thinking books. But when I began to analyse what I would love about being an author, I realised that it was the reading-before-writing that excited me. Were there such a profession as Reader, what a job that would be! Imagine being paid to read (ahem, I'm assuming my own choices of books here).

Political leader
Am I allowed to say this. Well, this is fun, and it's dreamland, so I reckon I can.

I would begin with my two main policies (I can actually see my sister's face at this point. Hiya, Marina!)

Policy #1: Without a doubt, it would be to legislate for the protection of life, both inside the womb and outside. I could not do any other thing in a nation if I was responsible for the deaths of unborn children.

Policy #2: I would take every school out of government control, and allow groups of parents, or community groups to come together and have their choice of system for their kids.

There you go! Who is gonna vote for me?

See you next week, Patrice... 


  1. I really like grocery shopping if the store isn't too busy. I like the comment you wrote on technology. Well said. I also like your dream jobs.

    1. I remember having to do the grocery shopping with the three older kids when they were all under five. They'd be in the trolley and quite enjoyed it all, but, oh boy, that trolley was HEAVY!

      .... you call it a 'cart' don't you? :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I want YOU in politics!! YOu have my vote! :)
    Always wonderful reading your chats.
    Susan P

  3. I would vote for you, most definitely. I loved how you phrased policy number one. Also, I was just asking my twelve year old daughter, "Aren't you old enough to do the grocery shopping yet?"

    1. You will not feel it long, Mrs S... and you'll wonder where the years have gone :)

  4. Oh the same the same... I think we feel exactly the same about groceries and unfortunately exercise... luckily we don't live 25 miles from anywhere and I can send my children down to the store for any necessities - that way they get the exercise and the groceries - I call that a win!!!

    1. You've got it sorted! Kids get exercise AND get to do you shopping...!!

  5. I vote ANNE! I think so many of us feel the same way about life & education as you do. Can you just imagine how many inventions, cures, ideas, technology advancements, & medical breakthroughs all of those "lost" little ones could have come up with, had they been given a chance? The thought often saddens me. I never really looked at technology from that point of view, even though it's spot on for us. Have a blessed week :O)

    1. Yes, Sherri ... makes us so sad :'(

      And yes, technology has been great in my life too :)

  6. I agree on the technology issue. Though tech stuff can be distracting from "real" life and the work I need to be doing, and I have to be careful about that, I have been so encouraged by folks I've "met" online! It has, indeed, led to meeting some people face-to-face--such a blessing! And, I would never have known about you or your wonderful blog without technology!

    1. Oh I definitely have to watch how I 'balance' technology with my housework .... I know which often comes off as the winner (and it ain't the housework ;) )

  7. How many inventions, cures, idea, technological advancements and medical breakthroughs have been the result of public education? Just saying.....

    1. I'd love to answer this, but you'll find that most bloggers don't answer 'Anons' ... otherwise, well, I'd love to :)


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