Cuddy Point ...

As the Facebook followers of Homeschool on the Croft know, the Wee Guy and I took a run over to town the other day. We were actually chasing the sun - it was cloudy in Ness, but having seen blue sky to the south-east of us we decided to head in that direction.

Okay, so that wasn't the only reason: the Wee Guy loves the Castle Grounds and wanted to take me too see some of his favourite spots.

We had chucked some sandwiches into a bag before heading over, so we ate these at Cuddy Point once we arrived.

This photo looks out to Arnish Point - see the lighthouse?

The lunchtime ferry has just left Stornoway, beginning its three-hour journey to the mainland.

Now, it may have been the warmest day so far this year. And it may have been just a wee picnic, miles away from my kitchen. But there are two necessities in life: a flask of hot tea, and a china mug.

The place matters not: these are still essential.

After our lunch, we took a walk up to the monument to Sir James Matheson and his wife Mary. Sir James Matheson owned the Isle of Lewis for some time: it was he who built the castle and who planted the beautiful grounds surrounding it.

Cuddy Point from the memorial

The Wee Guy then acted as my guide and was there to fight off any dangers that could come our way.

Y'all will be glad to know that none did.

After our walk, I sat at Cuddy Point with my book. Calum was fighting with his 'weapon' (a large twig he'd found on the ground. The Castle Grounds are good, apparently, for supplying an endless supply of weapons, small and great). At one point I saw him firing an arrow from his 'bow', so I commented,

'Cowboys attacking?'

I got The Look. (Mothers, y'all know The Look, don't you?)

'No,' he replied with some incredulity. 'I'm Bo Duke'.

And he was off again.

Give. me. strength.

And to brighten the rest of your day, I'll leave you with some more photos of the harbour, all taken from Cuddy Point.


  1. Just beautiful! How in the world does he know Bo Duke? I don't think my kiddos even know that show!...though they've inevitably heard some quotes/references....
    I love your china teacup!

  2. This was one of my favorite places!!! A quiet walk after school, some good exercise. And there are trees there...reminded me of home. Nice photos.

  3. Such a lovely outing. I wish I could join you. Your pictures are lovely. I agree with you about the hot flask of tea and the china mug. Steve feels the same way about coffee, and claims it is only when the temp. reaches 120 degrees that it is too hot for coffee.

  4. These are lovely photos. ( Hear you on the Bo Duke thing) Agreed - tea tastes better in a china mug or teacup. Thanks for sharing you outing.

  5. Hi Anne,
    I just wanted to give a quick response (I also left a response under your comment on my blog); we are about 80 miles from the fires. We drove by them the other day on the way to the airport; so, so sad. We are getting a lot of the smoke, but so far are out of danger from that fire... but it is definitely a very vulnerable time for fires all over Colorado.
    Thanks for asking,
    Love and blessings,

    1. Glad to hear that, Pam, but so sad for those who are suffering. Praying for lives to be saved, even when homes are lost. x


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