Chatting When Everyone Else Has Gone

I know I am renowned for being late, Patrice, but this week's visit is extreme even by my very low standards.  I do have some excuses.

My baby sister was forty this week - yes FORTY! She's still my baby sister, so I'm not sure how she can possibly have hit the big 4-0, but it would seem that she has. I would show you some photos but my camera card has gone AWOL. 

Yep, it's gone missing, and even in my immaculately pristine home, it cannot be found.

Excuse me, why all the choking on your coffees?? 

Anyway, we had our church outing on Saturday too. Do you know what we did first? We had a cup of wonderfully hot vegetable soup.

Yes, at our summer outing, we had hot soup.

Only in Lewis ....

The day stayed dry, we enjoyed ourselves, but it was so cold.

Now, after all that blethering, Patrice, I'll begin on your questions.

1. How many times a week do you have a green or veggie salad?

Well, Patrice, we have greens or veggies every day, but salad...? Do you mean a side salad? Or a salad-type-meal? I've just told you what our weather is like most of the summer, so full blown salads tend to get a back seat. Having said that, a salad is one of my favourite meals over the summer so in answer to your questions (see, I do answer you eventually) we probably have salad once a week.

2. Do you pray?

I wish I spent more time in sweet communion with my Lord, but I do most certainly pray. I do set aside a time of specific prayer at least once a day, but I'm sure I probably pray a hundred times a day. These prayers are often simply, 'Lord, help me', or 'Oh thank You, Lord', or, 'What a Saviour You are!', or, 'Please guide me', but I seldom do anything without having some prayer in my heart. If I see a photo of someone I love, I may pray, 'Lord, I pray that you would bless them, even this moment, whatever they are doing.'. If I read of war or famine in another land, I may pray, 'Oh Lord, thank You for where you have placed me in this world. Please bring peace to these poor people. And bring them the Gospel of the Prince of Peace.'.

Our prayers could be never-ending.

And our Father hears them all! Isn't that amazing! No wonder we want to praise Him more and more.

3. What season is your birthday. You don't need to give us the date.

My birthday is in November, which is rather a grey month, don't you think. My last birthday was my forty-sixth, but because my birthday month is so late in the year, I often get confused with what age I am.

Since last January, I have been able to say, 'I'm forty-seven this year'. Well, I say that so often, that I assume I already am forty-seven. Then I struggle to remember whether the forty-seven has been, or is yet to come.

4. Do you have dinner guests often, every now and then, or not at all? Wendell says he can be there for dinner as quick as a wink!

Wendell, you would be most welcome! We thought we were going to have one of your family here recently, but things didn't quite work out, so if you decide to come, make sure Patrice and others from your family come too.



We have dinner guests every now and then, I guess. I'd love to have guests round more often, but life seems to pass by in a blur. I'd love to know what others cook when they have folks round. Let me know in the comments.... My meals get so boring: I could do with some inspiration.

5. Could you describe yourself as a DIY - Do It Yourselfer?

Are you serious? (Think John MacEnroe's 'You can NOT be serious'!)

Do you think I married this man ...

(okay, so this isn't his normal look. In fact it was so ABnormal, I had to run for the camera.)

yes, this guy ...

erm, I didn't marry them both. Honest.

See, I married This Fella, and then birthed This Fella Mark II, 

and then birthed This Fella Mark III 
(Hey - look busy. I'm trying to create an impression here...)

That's better.

See, Patrice? I didn't marry the Builder, and birth these fellas just so I could be a DIYer myself.

Nope. Naw. Non. Gu dearbha fhèin, NO.

I did the birthing; I make the food; I do the laundry.

Builders I, II and II can do the DIY.

See you next week later this week for some more chatting!


  1. Lovely photo of the S S School group and lovely people too, my 'old' school friend Cairstiona Dhollaidh Bhain sitting at the front.
    Cairstiona xx

    1. I won't tell her you said 'old' ;)

      (We're enjoying seeing the new house going up - looking fab :) )

  2. Anne!
    What a lovely group of people you go to church with! Even in the cold, it looks like a cheerful time!
    I always have plans to have more salad....we like it.....just forget it and all get set down for dinner w/ out it...so we skip it, saying, "we'll get one tomorrow for dinner!"
    Oh, a constant state of prayer...such a great thing! Such a privilege! Such a blessing! What an amazing (still not a good enough word!)life is ours in Christ!
    Happy Birthday to your sister! The 40's are great! (and that coming from someone on the other end of them! - I think the 50's will be great too!)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, and your diy'ers are amazing!
    My sons have the same knee design in their jeans!..the sign of a true diy'er! (....now what it is they do theirselves is questionable...but they definitely do it themselves!)

  4. You can be so straight-to-the-point with some of the answers. Take for example the one about DIY. It might be me, but I had to read it twice. I almost forgot the question. There is DIY crafting too. I enjoy seeing all of the great ideas on Pinterest. I'm happy that you are surrounded by guys who can help you with things. I knew I should have had some sons.

    Too bad a family member did not visit. She will be able to see a friend from Edinburgh, since the person is traveling to London. Thank you for telling Wendell he's welcome. I must work on his manners first. He eats like a horse!If he gets accepted to Oxford, I will see that he visits. As for me, I wish I could make the trip.

  5. Hello, I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I still like to keep you on my blog roll beacause I still think your post are so sweet and funny.
    Blessings and may you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you, Roxy. That is so lovely. Even though I just left Patrice's porch a few hours ago, I'm back on it just now, answering her next batch of questions :)

  6. I think your recipes that you post are lovely! So I'm sure the fact that you think your company meals are boring is just an illusion. Anyway, for company we have things like barbecue beef on buns, lasagna, hamburger/green bean/potato casserole (guys like it--very hearty), chicken salad, grilled hamburgers or bratwurst, etc. Thanks for posting; I always enjoy seeing the answers you give on the front porch.

  7. #3 - I am SO glad it's not just me! A few months ago I had to call my husband (away on a business trip) to ask him if I was really 36, because that's what the math was telling me, but I was so sure that I was 37. And now I AM 37. I think! :)

    Love "sitting on Patrice's porch" with you...you always put a smile on my face! Thank you!

  8. Oh how I've missed stopping by. So glad I took the time today.

    I thought I was the only one who had trouble remembering my age. heheheeeeeeee It's a strange phenomenon when someone asks how old I am and I stammer, never a quick response from one who can't remember exactly... Hey, they shouldn't be asking anyway, isn't that unacceptable to ask a lady her age???


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