My Baby is Ten. TEN! Guest Posting Today ...

Today, my baby - yes, my baby - reaches double figures. My friend, at The Joyful Keeper, asked me to Guest Post today, and re-tell some of the events that accompanied the birth of the Wee Guy, our youngest child. Head over to Caroline's blog, to read more of my experience on the day this baby was born ...


  1. Oh Happy, Happy Birthday to the precious and handsome Wee guy!!! And I am feeling very happy after just watching your video of "Maggie" and the "I'm enjoying it" speech... was that ever great; what a chuckle and encouragement I got out of her. And I am greatly in agreement with you about Winston and Maggie. They are "Favorites" of ours.
    love and blessings,

  2. I just read your story. You said you were discharged a year after your son's birth?!? Really? You were hospitalized for a year and they didn't know what was wrong with you?


    1. Oh no!! I was in hospital just less than a month, but if you're officially still being seen by doctors, then you're one of their patients and are not officially discharged! I was *discharged* when I was finished with all follow-up appointments ... Dearie me, I hope others don't misunderstand this!

  3. I thought it might be something like that. I think in America being discharged is usually thought of as leaving the hospital. Glad you weren't in the hospital for a year!



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