Moving Sheep - it's my kinda thing

The Builder has a sister - he actually has four sisters - but he has one in particular who, unlike moi, is worthy of living on a croft.

She's never heard Big Brother say to her, 'Go find some town to live in'. He reserves such sweet talk for moi.

(Why, may I ask, am I referring to myself as moi? If you know, please let me know, cos I ain't got a clue.)

This is the Builder's wee sister.

The sheep like her.

They do as they're told, and when she speaks to them, they don't give her The Eye.

... like they're giving me here.

These sheep are due to begin giving birth on Friday. They are the mums-of-singles, and are kept separate from the mums-of-twins because they receive different food allowances during their pregnancies.

Each time I was pregnant, the scans showed I was carrying only a single, but I liked to be on the safe side and eat for twins. Just in case, you understand.

The expectant sheep were moved to this croft where I can keep an eye on them. Some of you may remember from last year how I love to have the Maternity Ward in full view of my house.


It makes me very nervous.

This clever Mama has the job done, and here is Big Brother's first lamb of the year.

Adorable, with a perfectly black face.

Having made sure all the mums-of-singles were safely ensconced in the appropriate field, we then went to move the mums-of-twins.

They were simply moving across the road, and here they are following Big Brother, 

in through the gate and into the field which looks at the other side of my house.

Gimme strength ... I'm not sure I can cope with the pressure.

This is Tweedles. She was a pet lamb that another of the Builder's sisters had. Well, when I say she had the pet lamb, you will understand that the kids had her. Aye, the kids had her, but mum looked after her ...

Tweedles still loves human company (except mine. Can't think why.), and follows BB around like a little puppy.

See? Here are all the sheep following younger sis. They never do that for me. I'm convinced BB has warned them to stay away from me.

And here she is speaking to Tweedles. She really thinks she's a puppy.

Have I mentioned before that we've been having amazing weather? 

Well, it's worth repeating.

You've met Louis before, haven't you? He, like me, likes to kid on he knows his stuff around sheep.

He, like me, knows nothing except how to look busy.

When was the last time you rode home on the tailgate of a pick-up?

(For any of you who are overly keen on Health and Safety matters, I may have taken this with the pick-up not moving. So sleep easy.)


  1. Thanks for posting about the sheep. I always enjoy reading about what y'all have been up to. The sky is looking pretty over there; we had some wonderful weather here today, too!

    1. Thanks folks. And yes, the sky was amazing.... truly cloudless. And for us, that's amazing!

  2. I love to read all your stories , I live in CT US , although I am french!!!, so far removed from your peaceful life, although I live among tons of trees, how much I would prefer to live as you do with all these wonderful opened skies.

    All the best

    Annie vanderven

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Annie (love the name, by the way. I am Anne, named after my grandmother, who was known as Annie, so it's very special to me :) )

      It is lovely living here, though I would love a few trees too ... if only our winds would allow them to grow ;)

  3. Thank you for a lovely start to the day and a chance to slip-away. I love your pictures and writing and appreciate, so much, that you share this with so many. Blessings to you from Afton, MN.

    1. Thank you so much ... Minnesota.... stuff of dreams :) Off now to Google Afton and see where your wonderful sounding farm is situated.

  4. You make me laugh! Love to learn what all you do with the sheep. I grew up riding in the back of a pickup truck on the farm. I really miss that!

    1. You know what, Sue, I felt like a little child again on the back of that pick-up! It was great!

  5. Your weather is beautiful....think it'll stick around til July?

    I am still eating as if I were pregnant with twins....it's really got to stop sometime...maybe tomorrow....

    1. I find that tomorrow is the best day to think of these things ;)

  6. How wonderful it is, after having been away from blogland for what seems like eons, to come back and find that all is well on the Croft, and that you are still up to your "living on the edge" lifestyle, riding on tailgates and all! ;-)(winking!) Looks extremely lovely, all the mums, and the blue skies!!! Lovely post dear friend!

    1. Lovely to have you back, Mrs C :)

      The Builder and I are now off to London, so we'll be away from the stresses of lambing for a few days ... No doubt, there will be more photos of lambs in the weeks to follow.


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