A Re-post of some Lambs from Last Year

I haven't shown you many photos of this year's lambs, and for just now, I'm going to re-post a post from last year's lambing time. 

Big Brother asked me to go feeding with him the other night. The conversation went something like this:

BB: Anne, would you please coming feeding with me? I would appreciate your help so much, and I know the sheep love to see you from time to time.

Me: Well, of course, dear. Just let me get my wellies, my oilskins and my disposable gloves.

BB: Your disposable gloves? What are you gonna take gloves for?

Me: Well, in case any of the sheep need my help in giving birth.

BB: silence. He simply gave me The Look. If you've never heard before, The Look is that expression which basically says, 'Woman, go find a town to live in. You are way out your depth here'.

I am very unappreciated.

.... but they seemed happy to see me. 

Doesn't that expression say, 'Hi, Anne! Lovely to see you again.'...?

(Or does it say: 'Get out my way, woman, and let me get my food.' ...?)

None of the sheep flocked towards me. However, once BB began whispering his sweet nothings, they flocked around him like there was no one on earth quite like him.

Well, there actually isn't, but they don't know that.

When the Mamas are feeding, the lambs congregate for their playtime. It is delightful watching them jump and skip and chase each other around the shelter. They are soooo cute.

Round and round they go.

After they'd been fed, BB went to the bottom of the croft with food for this sheep.

"Why is she getting special treatment?", I ask.

She had, apparently, given birth just a few short hours before this. At this stage, Mama likes spending some quality time with her lamb, and Big Brother obligingly takes dinner to her.

When I'd jumped into his pick-up and announced I was coming with him to get some photos, the sun was shining. By the time we'd reached here (400 yards from the house), it was very dreich indeed.

I wanted to prove you to folks out there that we do have blue skies from time to time. Sadly, more grey is all you'll be seeing from this post...

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  1. Awww! It must be so fun to have new babies around. We have baby meat chicks at the moment, a baby pink pig, and hopefully will soon have a baby red and white Hereford calf! Exciting!


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