Sunset at Swainbost Beach

Yesterday evening, just as the sun was setting, I decided to jump in the car and head to Swainbost machair to take some photos. See, although I now live in the village of the Builder's birth, Swainbost is where I was born, where I was raised, and the beach is the beach on which I played as a child, had picnics, ran over rocks, and generally gave my mother countless heart attacks. That, I believe, is what childhood is for.

Isn't it?

And so to Swainbost beach at the end of a perfect October day.

Looking South towards Dell,

with the last glimpse of the sun as it sets.

I wish I was able to 'show' you the sounds,

which were as wonderful as the colours you see.

The images did to my eyes,

what the sounds did to my ears.

I saw beauty.

I heard music.

An then it was Time to say Goodbye (can any of you read that and not hear Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman?)

The moon, with some lovely cloud

Looking North, towards the Butt and the Eoropie houses

At this point, I got into the car to head home. I still had to finish making the dinner, so I realized I'd better scoot home quickly. Not that I've ever been known to:

1. rush
2. be late
3. drive quickly.

Lest any of you be under any misapprehensions. 

And then the following happened.

My front wheel decided the best place to go would be into a rabbit hole, which had been dug by a mutant rabbit which was actually the size of a small dog. It went. It stayed. It stuck.

No phone. Nobody around. No choice but to walk. Initially, I headed off with my camera still in the car, but like any good blogger, I went back to retrieve it. That's what bloggers do, isn't it ...

I head across the machair towards Habost machair. You may be able to see the wee car in this photo.

This is the boundary between the villages. This is where the chief of the village may decide not to allow you to cross. He can, at a whim, capture you and present you as an offering to the Great Chief. You may never see your family again. 

Or maybe that's just something I read a long, long time ago about a far, far away place.

I could have walked the extra hundred yards or so and crossed the bridge. But I was wearing my trusty wellies, and a hundred yards is a lot when it is unnecessary, and when you have wee Size 3s. So river-crossing it was.

Some of the cattle, grazing on Habost machair

And home.

Well, not quite. I don't mean this is where I live. One day I will, but in terms of my walk home, the cemetery told me I was almost there.

I could easily walk this walk every day of life if we had this weather every day of life.

As it happens, we don't. So don't be holding your breath for the next one...


  1. Oh Anne, I can almost hear it. Love the photos, esp the one of home. Can you take short video clips on your camera and post them on your blog or facebook (I've just learned to do that :-) so you should find it easy!)

    1. *gulp* - that's a bit technologically advanced for Moi! (Actually, the biggest problem with videos here is the wind - even on non-windy days, you realize how much wind there actually is.) I may, however, try that.... and today would be the perfect day :)

  2. Anne, thanks for posting this, what a wonderful journey, one I make so often, but in this light it is even better. Wish I was home.............need to listen to Dougie Maclean's Caledonia!xx

    1. Well, a Chairstiona, you have the opportunity to see some amazing sights where you are just now. You'll enjoy our sights all the more when you're back again. Good to hear from you x

  3. stunning. I enjoyed some pretty sunsets on holiday, but nothing like that!!!

    I miss seeing the sun set behind Arran.

  4. What a fabulous walk and beautiful photos. I could *almost* hear the ocean and yes, I did think the same thing when you wrote Time to Say Good-bye.
    Well done!

  5. I'm assuming, that deep down inside, you actually enjoyed your walk. ;-) The photos are gorgeous! I could almost hear what you heard, just looking at those big waves rolling in. Hmmmmmm, we need to plan a trip to the coast, sometime soon. Those waves are soothing, just as soothing as a beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing beauty from your corner!

    1. They are soothing, Mrs C. Really therapeutic ... I always reckon that any artist, composer or author who has 'writer's block' ought to come for inspiration to the sea. The sights and *especially* the sounds just speak to my heart x

  6. Wow. You captured the scene so perfectly Ann! The pictures are truly amazing and I can just hear the crashing of the waves....:)

  7. Beautiful and breathtaking, Anne! How I'd love a walk like that.... :) And how perfect that while reading this post I was listening to "Going Home" by Mary Fahl which always makes me think of you... :) *heartbreaking*

    1. Oh Rachel, that song *does* always make me tear up *sniff*.

  8. Good Morning, Your photos allowed me a lovely walk with you! I so miss the sea, maybe one day I can have a place in florida also.
    Have a wonderful day! Blessings, Roxy

  9. Thanks for posting this!!! I took that very walk so many times! Swainbost beach was one of my favorite places on this island... Sigh...

  10. I live in Arkansas,in the USA, and have not even seen the ocean, and I'm 61, I marvel at someone who lives so close they can go there anytime. That sure is pretty, and I know you feel blessed to live where you do. I feel blessed too, no matter if I ever see the ocean, someday, I may look down upon it from my mansion in the sky. Thank you for your blog and for bringing a part of your homeland to us, it is beautiful! Janice from Arkansas


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