Bùth Lisa: Tiger Textiles

If you ever take a drive through Ness, you will always notice our blue skies. Like in the photo here, they are always perfectly cloudless and blue.


But you may notice this cute little shop in the village of Habost.

Bùth Lisa is now a studio and shop for two local artists.

Here is Tiger Textile's side of the shop,

and here you can see Alison working in her 'corner'.

She has so many beautiful and unique items. Don't you love these cushions?

Original Harris Tweed, with some lyrics from a Gaelic song embroidered on it. 

And did you notice the picture on the bottom-left of the photo?

Here's a close-up

Pencil on tea-stained wood.

Alison took this from an old photo, and I simply love it.

"Muinntir Thàboist as a' mhòine".
Habost folk in the peats.

Her grandfather is in this picture. That makes it extra special for her.

She has a number of pencil drawings on wood which have been taken from old photos.

This one here reminded me so much of my own Grampa. Although he didn't have a pipe, the rest of this bodach in the picture could just be him: the cap, the pullover, and the speal. Yes, this evokes great memories.

Tiger Textiles: the name comes from her family 'nickname'. Her great-grandfather was nicknamed Tiger, her grandfather was Alastair an Tiger, who is in the pencil drawing we saw earlier. 

Here's a photo of her grandfather, pinned to Alison's noticeboard. 

It's good to remember.

The photo in the far left corner of the noticeboard opens up a whole other story.

This wee shop in which Alison now works was originally opened by the lady in this photo. She was a Canadian called Lisa, who married a man from Ness and came to live in this village. She began importing Canadian candy and selling it here in this shop. Her son grew the business, and especially developed a butcher's business, which was handed down to his son and which is still with us in Cross Stores.

This building lay empty for decades, and it's so lovely that Alison, whose family are still neighbours of the original shop owners, is now using it in this way. You can read about Alison here.

Here's Lisa, in the shop as it was.

I would recommend, if you're driving by, call in and see Tiger Textile's lovely display of goods. There are greeting cards, wedding stationary and brooches as well as the cushions, and pictures you see on the wall. Many of her paintings and drawings are commissions, but she is building up more and more of a stock of ready-to-purchase goods. 

I'll leave you with more photos of some of the goods she has available.

Soooo pretty


  1. Such a sweet little shop! I'd love to visit it if ever I make it over the sea.

    1. Yes, Rachel. Definitely worth stopping off there ;)

  2. Very cute shop! I hope the locals support them and their business venture! I love seeing other women create beautiful things, that can be purchased and used in their own homes or as gifts for others. They are very talented!

    1. I hope so, Mrs C. Her stuff really is lovely ...

  3. Does she have a website where I could order a few things? I love the pillows and the boat picture!

    1. http://tigertextiles.moonfruit.com/

      Wendy, that's her website. She does have lovely stuff, doesn't she :)

  4. I agree with what Rachel said. :-)

  5. I enjoyed the sweet tour of your friends shop and reading about her life. It is very interesting and her art work is lovely. I love getting to see a little of life surrounding where you live. I just caught up on your previous post; I wondered how your journey ended.. did the Builder get the car out of the hole easily, or did he have to get the town to come out and help? The photos were lovely, and so glad it happened in good weather.
    Marie and I have the kettle on and are waiting for Elizabeth to pop back over so we can enjoy some blogging together. I cracked up how you went back to get your camera "like any good blogger would". Every occasion is a wonderful blogging opportunity if you can manage it, so I think it was a perfectly right thing to do.

    Love and Blessings to you and your family,


  6. It's been an age since I left you a comment Anne but I see a familiar face and a good friend of mine from blogland Pam commenting above me. Makes it seem like a small world indeed. Just to let you know I am still here and keep up with your blog as often as I can. My excuse for not commenting or keeping up with my own blog as often as I would like is all to do with having started my own little creative business. My house looks like more and more like a tea shop these days and is filling up with cake stands and teacups. I could not resist commenting on this post though because I love those cushions and the white painted cabinets in that studio/shop. Would I dare to paint my Singer sewing machine table all white? Don't think I could but seeing one all in white is tempting me! The sky was indeed blue on that day. I didn't know what blue sky was until I moved to New Zealand. It was one of the first things that just amazed me when the plane came into land - and how green the fields were. Pop over and visit me if you have time. I'll understand if you don't have time. Haven't forgotten you - every time I read a Katie Morag book to my girls I think of you!

  7. I would not only like to visit the shop, but I can see me sharing space with her.......... I'm a handspinner, and it would be a dream to have some of my yarn in there. Just what Scotland needs - more wool! And, it would be a bit of a commute (from America) to go to work, but still..... :-)

  8. LOVE the textiles; wonder if the Singer still works?

  9. Thanks for the tour through that lovely shop! I always enjoy a little snatch of Scotland, and it's inspiring to see other folks' creative endeavours.


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