Ram Sales

The Wee Guy had another Animal Husbandry class yesterday.

AKA: spending the day with Big Brother, out of his normal setting, and at a Ram Sale.

Much as I'd have loved to have spent the day eyeing up rams, and soaking in the wafting aroma of the Auction Mart, I forced myself to stay at home, and allowed the Wee Guy the pleasure on his own.

This is our cousins' dog. Isn't he adorable? Jackson really needs to learn some basic canine etiquette from him.

Big Brother takes a quick look over some of the rams that were being sold today.

Have a look at the red boiler suit in the background ... Is it:

a) a crofter sunbathing
b) a ... keeled over crofter
c) a scarecrow taking a breather?

Answers on a postcard.

This ram was bought by our good friend who was involved in our St Kilda posts some time back.

Last night, he told me, "when i saw this head first I didn't like it, but then when I saw his body I thought oh WOW! Reminded me of one of the last tups my Shen had, it's a big sheep, big gigots, big butt, broad back"

 Erm ... Is this English? If so, it is decent??

As I said ... Gorgeous.

Another of the rams yesterday morning, before leaving for the sale. Don't you love the horn at the left of the photo? It really is quite lovely.

Recognize any of these fellas?

This fellow was crowned Supreme.

And this fellow gets some recognition for the countless hours and immeasurable effort he puts into the care of his beloved sheep.


  1. I do love the horn in the photo. I am really drawn to ram's horns, not only because the spiral shape is attractive in itself, but because the shofar - the Biblical trumpet - is made from them. The shofar is so significant in the Bible - to warn, to declare the works of the Lord, to bring walls down!!

    I do recognize the fellows in the photo - in fact, I wish I could find it now, but I was browsing something about Scotland on one of those photo sites, and in a photo of a sheep and cattle show.....there were your men!

  2. the horns are amazing. i love that gorgeous pup.

  3. Congrats to Big Brother!

    The sheep look really good, and that dog is beautiful!
    I love to watch those Border Collies work sheep, such intelligent little dogs!

    Looks like your guys and big brother had a great time!

  4. I say the red in the back ground is #3 LOL
    the horn is beautiful and all the colors in your photos make it come to life like I was there thank you for sharing :] have a great day

  5. I choose all of the above LOL! I am so laughing here! I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy your wonderful part of your world, as you share it! Blessings, Roxy

  6. I love those outdoor photos! They're beautiful!

  7. Yes, your cousin's dog is quite a cutie. Love the close-up shot of the ram with the horn in the foreground -- well done! Hope all's been well in your corner of the world.

  8. Love the sheep, love the cousin's dog, love the big brother's diligence, love seeing your boys a part of it all. I think the red must be a crofter sunbathing.... sometimes a person just has to stretch out and get a little sun lol.

    Love and Blessings,



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