Thirteen Things ...

I began writing this post on the 13th of last month, and decided I'd give thirteen facts about myself.

Knowing, of course, that y'all got up this morning wishing to know thirteen more things about me. Right?

#1I like the number 13. I know lots of folks don't, and I don't tend to like many of the Prime numbers, but this one is nice. I think it's because my sister's birthday is on the 13th of June, and June is a sunny month, and my sister is a sunny person, and sunshine makes me smile.

#2I am the most logical person you'll ever meet. See #1.

#3I used the word 'nice' in #1, and I dislike the word intensely. Ever since my English teacher spoke against the word in our 1st year class (Grade 7 to you guys across the Pond). His rant was in response to someone's piece of writing in which the word 'nice' was used again and again.

"Nice is just a ... a... nothing word. It doesn't convey anything. I don't feel anything when I hear something is nice. Nice is NOT nice. Don't use it again to describe anything!"

Can you see why I got the message?

#4This year, we are going to be using online classes for two of Katie's subjects. This is a first for us ...

#5The Wee Guy has had tonnes more enthusiasm for the re-start of school than I have. I'm still waiting to have my holiday.

#6Jackson has decided he likes to sleep on the wee sofa in the kitchen. His place there may be safe until The Builder finds out.

Update: Jackson's newly found sleeping place lasted all of two days. 

#7Our weather today is:

Wind: 40-50mph
Temp: 10C (50F)
Rain: Erm... Yes. Frequent.

#8We had a wee frog outside our house the other night. This is the first time I have ever seen a frog in real life.

Yep, the first time.


He was awfully cute.

As the FB readers already know, we had Guga on Saturday night. 

It. was. good.

And, as if the Guga needed any help in being the perfect meal, we had this fella ...

...not only share our meal,

but savour it too.

Can this wee guy get any better?

Now that I'm writing this well after the first ones were written, I can tell you that our Wee Guy's enthusiasm for school - see #5 - has wavered only slightly. But I can also tell you that today's 'education' is on animal husbandry. 

Or something like that. He's at a fank with Big Brother, so it's definitely an education.

Read about another fank earlier in the year here.

My Mum and Dad celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary next week. More on this to follow....

I think my older daughter may be obsessed with Poirot. I call him The Little Penguin, which offends her greatly. Such fun!

Whilst reading the book of Ruth today, I was struck with the evidences of kindness throughout the book. Ruth was so kind to Naomi, but it was Boaz's kindness to Ruth - first of all when she came to glean in the fields, then when he spoke to her in the middle of the night - that really struck me.

I think it was the Builder's kindness that made me first fall in love with him. And his kindness to me makes me love him more and more every day. 

Kindness is such a beautiful thing.


  1. Oh, so much that is interesting. The most shocking....FIRST TIME SEEING A FROG???????? WHAT??????? We have one that LIVES in our garden. He's called "nowhere". Ask me why....

    and I lOVE what you said about Fin. Very sweet.

  2. Caroline why is your frog called nowhere ? We always had frogs in the pond growing up. Oh and I wish my boys ate as well as your little man. Do not think I will be trying guga with then......

    1. Susanna, I'm hoping Caroline will answer that one! The little man here in the photos is not our wee fella (though I often threaten to steal him ;) ). He's the younger son of our friend and is a-do-rable :)
      Awww, go on - try the guga on them .... You just never know!

  3. Caroline why is your frog called nowhere ? We always had frogs in the pond growing up. Oh and I wish my boys ate as well as your little man. Do not think I will be trying guga with then......

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Caroline why is your frog called nowhere ? We always had frogs in the pond growing up. Oh and I wish my boys ate as well as your little man. Do not think I will be trying guga with then......

  6. I love your posts! A few comments to your 13 things...

    #1 - I like the number 13, too. My birthday is on the 13th of August and it's always been my favorite number. While some people don't like the 13th...especially when it falls on a Friday...I find that those days are my best days...not that I put any stock in any of it, but I do like the number 13.

    #2 - Like you, I am a logical person...too logical for most...the most logical to some, but I'll defer to you and let you retain the title as the most logical that I'll ever meet. And meet someday I hope we do! :)

    #3 - I dislike the word 'nice', too! Don't really know why, but always have. Maybe I had a similar speech about the word 'nice' from a teacher, too, somewhere. Really don't remember, but I do not like the word at all!

    #4 - The first time of seeing a frog? Really? I will never again look upon a frog with out thinking of you. I guess I've just always taken frogs for granted and, yes, they really are quite cute. :)

    #5 - I don't know that I'd care for Guga, but, if I ever make it to your island I would definitely be willing to try it for the experience.

    #6 - Don't know if it's me Scotch roots or what, but you're one of the few bloggers that I can truly relate to! Again...I absolutely love your posts! Thank you for all that you share!

    Have a blessed weekend! <3

    1. Thank you, Rebecca :) Knowing that someone can relate to me makes me day ;) I've debated over the past few weeks bringing my blog to a close, but I have a few posts yet I want to share, so I'll maybe hang fire for a wee while.
      A x

    2. FB told me I'd shared this three years today, so I re-read the post, and am now wondering if you still think of me when you see frogs!!

      Of little consequence, I know ... but it made me smile :)

  7. Reading your blog is definitely educational! I had to look up "guga" and "fank". Good to know what goes on in your space of the world. Oh, my birthday is June 13th !


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