A Lovely September Day on Patrice's Porch

Here we are, on Patrice's Porch again. It is so nice to imagine this porch right now... actually, it is always nice, but today, with a windchill of 5C - that's 42F in old money - it is particularly pleasant to imagine a lovely September day in the US.

Before I answer Patrice's questions though ... you may remember some English friends who came to visit last New Year. You may also remember that they decided to have a dip in the sea in temperatures that would make you weep.

Well, two of the family are staying with us right now, and one of them wasn't up at New Year. So, what does she insist on doing? Yep, you guessed it.

In this photo you can not see the wind. It was strong.

You cannot feel the cold. I've already told you - 42F. 

You can see the raindrops on my lense.

The shower came in from the sea, horizontally lashing me and my camera. Yet, she went for her dip.

Mad, I tell you. Mad!

1. What's the last thing that made you cry?

Oh, that's easy! Yesterday, I watched a video of the events of 9/11. It certainly made me cry. I do get mocked here at home because of the number of things that will make me cry, but who could ever watch these events and not cry? Not me, that's for sure.

2. Have you ever had any small pets?

Not really. I do remember, when I was around eight or nine, spending time with my friend, Shona, in an old graveyard at the machair. There we found and 'rescued' countless snails. I remember them being all around our house and climbing the house walls. I especially remember them climbing the chimney wall. I guess they liked the warmth! It's just as well my Mum wasn't much of a gardener and didn't have a lovely array of leafy plants ready for the snails to feast on!

Not sure they ever classed as pets, but they were small!

3. Waffles or pancakes?

I've only ever had waffles in the States. We make pancakes here often - a few times most weeks, but they are not what you would call pancakes. I think you'd possibly call them Drop Scones.

My pancake recipe can be found here.

Scottish Pancakes

4. Do you like politics? We don't need to know who you want to vote for if you are in the US, but just asking if you find the whole thing interesting.

Well, I wont be voting in your election! But I love Politics. I am interested in British politics, but I think American politics is more fascinating. I follow what's going on as much as I can ... Isn't the internet fabulous!

Four years ago, we were on holiday in the US, and were able to attend a couple of political rallies.

Such fun!

For me. And for DR. The other members of the family tagged along.

5. Please fill in the blanks: If only I could  ____________  then  _____________ .

Oh, I can think of loads to put in here, Patrice!

'organized' ... 'I could have a clean house'

'swim the Atlantic' ... 'I would be in America'

'hire professional help' ... 'have time to read my longed-for books'

But in reality, I have so few 'If only' things in my life. I am so blessed, and so even my constant housework is but a sign of my blessings; my lack of time for reading is too but a sign of my having been blessed beyond words. 


  1. Very nice answers. I like your pancakes/drop scones.
    I like the number 5 question, yes, those are all blessings aren't they.
    I would trade weather today for sure. It will be 97 degrees today.

  2. 9/11 makes me cry too. Your Scottish pancakes look remarkably like my non-Scottish pancakes. They probably taste like them too, except for the fact that we have to use gluten free flours because of allergies. You are the only one so far who has expressed liking politics. I like your number 5 answers too. Have a good rest of the week.

  3. Your pancakes look yummy! I don't know of anyone who doesn't cry when seeing the towers come down on 9/11. Such senseless acts. Great answers for #5, and yes, when we look at how blessed we are, that list seems superfluous. Have a great rest of your week!

  4. Its hard to imagine such cold weather when we have had such hot. It sounds wonderfully refreshing. We are having a wonderful rain today, a good soaking rain, which we haven't had in so long that I can't remember the last time. Those are some very hardy friends, swimming in such cold ( I wonder what the ocean temp is?) I hear that kind of cold plunging is very good for the heart.

    9/11 will always remain a very sad memory in our hearts.

    It was so nice to hear from you on my blog Anne. I have missed you. Give our love to the builder, and the precious
    flock (I'm referring to your children, not the Big Brother's sheep).

    Love Pam

    P.S. Your pancakes look yummy

  5. I'm a cryer as well. My family often stops watching whatever movie or show to see if I'm crying or not. :).
    Although we are not as chilly as you, we've been dropping down to 3C at nights and only reaching highs in the low teens. Fall is arriving with a vengeance.

  6. Hello, I want to thank you for your post on the anniversary of our 911. We still feel the shock waves. I know many miracles took place on that day. Blessings, Roxy


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