Norwegian Submarine in Town

When I was over in town the other day, I saw this submarine coming in to harbour. 

Fortunately, Catherine had her phone, and we were able to get this photo - albeit, a rather unclear and grey photo.

More fortunately, a follower of FB Homeschool on the Croft sent me some photos he'd been able to take at the same time.

Even more fortunately, I was over in town again the following day, so I head down to the pier to take some more photos of the submarine.

As you can see, they were visiting from Norway, and being descended from Norsemen ourselves, I was glad to give them a good Lewis welcome.

A couple of notes concerning the above comment and photo:

1. I would like to make clear that I am well aware of my own lack of Norse DNA. The Pygmies living on Luchraban clearly provided most of my DNA.

2. In the photo, to the left of the flag, is Stornoway Town Hall and its clock. The inside has just been refurbished, and I was in the hall the other week for the first time since the work was done. It really is lovely.

I was also glad to be able to tell the two gentlemen sitting on deck .... Is this the deck of a submarine? Or simply the top? I have no idea, but I do know that these guys must have been mighty glad to be out of the inside for a time.... that our weather is always like this in Lewis.

They both laughed. Clearly, they'd been here before me and were not fooled by their one day of blue skies and no winds. 

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  1. How excellent that you spotted this sub. I was aboard one a few years ago. So incredibly small!


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