He's Ruined... but Comfy

Someone told me there was a comfy seat to be had in the kitchen. I tried it, and discovered ...

... it really was a bit small for me.

Then Katie mentioned something about another comfy chair that was larger.

I listened intently, realising this is exactly what I was looking for.

Once I got the info, I was outta here...

And everything she told me about the new chair was spot on.

It is the comfiest place evah.

And Mum, you wouldn't actually ask me to leave, would you?

You couldn't, could you?

Note from Mother of the House: This fella is ruined. Ruined, I tell you.


  1. It is all over for you, my friend. His eyes tell me the whole story.
    Anne.....you are smitten by Jackson.....just absolutely smitten! :)

  2. Your blog looks fabulous, and Jackson is as adorable as ever.

  3. but he's PERFECTLY ruined! LOVE him!!!

  4. OH well I don't think it could happen to a nicer guy. He is just beautiful.

  5. Jackson has become such a handsome guy! I agree...that kitchen chair is much too small for Jackson's stature. He needs to sprawl out and rest after a busy day of patrolling, guarding and protecting. He definitely is leading the good life!

  6. Very cute and deserves to be 'ruined'!! Cx

  7. No, I don't think you could.

  8. He's gorgeous! I'm SO glad to be able to get to your blog again after your little snafu with shabbyblogs. I was missing the updates from your side of the pond! :)

    By the way, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the beautiful gift you sent for Moriah! I absolutely love the dress you chose, and your kindness and thoughtfulness simply blew my socks off. (Except I wasn't wearing any, because it feels like summer around here, and who wants to wear socks when they could go barefoot instead??) :) I was so surprised to receive a package from ALL THE WAY OVER THERE, but wow, it surely made my heart sing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for rejoicing with us in this beloved little girl--from way back in November when we first found out she's a girl until now. You are a precious encouragement to me, and I am so grateful!!!

  9. He looks so sweet! How could you ever ask him to move!

  10. He's adorable.....apparently, he's spoiled rotten like my Murphy! They have a way of training us don't they!


  11. What a perfect chair for a sweet pup! And I'm thinking he thinks there's nothing wrong with being 'ruined'. I happen to agree with him, hahaha!


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