More Photos of Ness

I said the other day in this post that I would post more photos of our time with newly met friends last week. When they visited the second time, we had a (mostly) sunny, if cool and breezy day. Okay, freezing and blowing a hoolie, if you must know.

This wee fella found this flag somewhere in our house, and was happy to wave it proudly. 
By the way, this fella was such a cute little guy. He was seriously in danger of being kidnapped, both by me and by the girls.


The next photos were taken at Port of Ness, a harbour very close to the northernmost tip of Lewis, but round to the East. Because it's on the east coast, it tends to be much more sheltered that the seas we normally see, which are on the west coast - the Atlantic coast - of the island.

As you can see, the sea was fairly choppy this day. We had a fairly stiff breeze, and, more significantly, it was a north-easterly ... hence the waves here.

This photo is taken from one of the highest points in Ness, and shows part of the district.

We then drove to the Butt.

Once again folks: the BUTT is the TOP. Got it?

Good ;)

All very logical.

And then to Our Beach.

Oh, by the way.... erm, Spot the crofter in the photos .. !

What a great time we had with this family. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love the internet!


  1. they are cute out there in the brisk wind! lovely blue waves, too!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to visit.

  3. Wow! What beautiful photos! Bright vibrant colors!

  4. Those billowy clouds sure made some beautiful pictures! What a treat a visit from friends, face to face! I know this had to be such a blessing, yes the internet is really cool!!!

  5. You really live in an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world. Your beach is more beautiful than any I have seen.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh what beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone was having a great time!

  8. beautiful pics, love the waves...but what in the world is a crofter exactly??


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